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Who are the boxers that remind you of actors or other celebrities? Pacquiao?Mayweather?Marquez?Cotto? Mosley?

I asked this before but Id like to have more responses! Thanks!

Chris Arreola- Rosie O' Donell or Peter from Family Guy

Ricky Hatton- Austin Powers

Nikolay Valuev- Ron Jeremy (both hairy and nasty)

Joe Calzaghe- Lance Bass

Paulie Malignani- Ali G (black wanna bees)

Manny Pacquiao- Jackie Chan (both have super fast hands)

Arthur Abraham- Borat

Eddie Chambers- Shrek

Juan Manuel Lopez- William Hung (both are mockeries)

Juan Manuel Marquez- Bill O' Reilly (loves to complain)

Roy Jones Jr.- Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp in Pirates of the


Miguel Cotto- Rambo

Oscar De La Hoya- Jenna Jameson (both like women's underwears

and fishnet dresses, both like to get HIT a lot)

Floyd Mayweather- Donald Duck (you get the point!)

Vic Darchinyan- Count Dracula from Sesame Street

Zab Judah- Curious George

Sugar Shane Mosley- Arnold Schwarzenegger (both like steroids)

Wladimir Klitscko- Big Bird from Sesame Street


All of you guys are pretty funny, especially Knight, and teh Flash. Kahlil and others did well too! LOL.

@ Manuel Perez, I know you who are dont make me expose you who you are. I have safeassign software that tracks you IP. One thing I dont mind is you mocking boxing but when you start throwing stupid comments especially inaccurate ones like steroids, you lose all my respect. Even someone like you should have decency if youre human!

Update 2:

Knight, everything is great! for a moment there I thought you disappered as Ive seen yous pending some time in the MMA section. But anyways bro, Id like to see your question concerning Asia and Greece! :-)

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    Hey Jonny boy how is going brother?:)

    I did read something about Greeks and East Asians today in the newspapers i will make a question about it one of these days,you gonna love it ;)

    Ok now to your question,some of them made me laugh a lot lol!

    Group 1 (they made a movie together lol)

    Hopkins : Vanessa Blue

    Roy Jones : Anna Amore

    Jeff Lacy : Jada Fire


    Now others

    Manny : Bruce Lee,both handsome and super fast,plus "heroes"

    Mayweather : Martin Lawrence,both claim that they are "pretty boys" but none sees it but them!

    Kessler : Brad Pitt,according to ladies (if i judge from my sisters and cousins) the most handsome boxer out there!

    Valuev: Beast from "beauty and the beast",no comment lol!

    Vitali Klitschko: Dolf Lundgren ,Drago from Rocky 4,well....... lol

    Rocky Marciano :Robert De Niro,i do not know why but they look like father and son in my eyes!

    Oscar De La Hoya : Ricky Martin,both fine with class and great looks,ladies love them!

    Mosley :Marion Jones or Barry Bonds ,all of them scums!

    Carl Froch : woody woodpecker,damn that NOSE LOL!

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    5 years ago

    It's funny how this conversation is brought up after Pacquaio beats Mosley. I thought Mosley was semi slick but not as slick as other fighters. But I know many Mayweather fans will come out and say Mosley is not slick so they can discredit Manny for NOT fighting slick fighters as if to suggest that slick boxers are superior and are the only ones that can give the top P4P fighter a hard time. At the same time the Pacquaio fans are probably gonna say Pacquaio finally defeated a slick boxer ignoring the fact that Mosley is way past his prime and has looked sloppy in his past fights that's why Pacquaio cherry picked him as his next opponent. But there are a lot of slick boxers who don't get a lot of credit like Donaire or Anselmo Moreno. Edit: By the way Jose, the comment I made was not about you because I always consider you neutral. I was talking to the hardcore Mayweather and Pacquaio fans who will try to do anything to discredit Floyd or Manny.

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    Vernon Forrest - Djimon Hounsou

    Zab Judah - Sam Cassell

    James Toney - Ice Cube

    Floyd Mayweather Jr - Ja Rule

    Jeff Lacy - 50 Cent

    Nate Campbell - Chris Rock

    Michael Katisids - Brad Pitt

    Mia St John - Salma Hayek

    Vic Darchinyan - Gecko of Geico

    Nikolay Valuev - Caveman of Geico

    Pernell Whitaker - Wesley Snipes

    Andre Dirrell - Usain Bolt

    Kelly Pavlik - Jack of Jack in the Box

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    Juan Manuel Marquez- John Leguizamo

    Christian Mijeres- Marc Anthony

    Miguel Cotto- Daddy Yankee

    Floyd Mayweather Jr. OJ Simpson

    Shame Mosley- Samuel Jackson

    Oscar De La Hoya- Tila Tequila

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    LMAO! your list are funny bro!

    Miguel Cotto- Robo cop

    Mikkel Kessler- Indiana Jones

    Floyd Mayweather Jr- the black edition of Vanilla Ice

    Zab Judah- looks like ET

    Manny Pacquiao- Spider man

    Chris Arreola- Queen Latifah

    Edit: that was pretty funny Knight about Forch and Woody Woodpecker LMAO!

    Edit: LMAO, 3 thumbs down in 1 minute? HAHA keep em coming come on!

  • This is funny. To tell you the truth every time I see Cuba Gooding Jr, I see Sugar Shane Mosley. He could play Sugar Shane in a movie about his life, the similarities are remarkable.

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    lol. I really liked your responses , especially

    Chris Arreola----Peter from Family Guy

    Manny Pacquiao- Jackie Chan (both have super fast hands)

    Arthur Abraham- Borat

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    pacquiao- jet li, small, quick, deadly and masterful (a real superman in lethal weapon 4)

    mosley- lando carlissian, i don't know, they just seem to have similar ways about their characters.

    margarito- chewbacca, need i say more?

    mayweather- i first thought of chris tucker in rush hour, because floyd is funny during interviews

    cotto- vin diesel as riddick in pitch black. a silent, strong, and calculating psychopath (get ready jet li).

    ricky hatton- i can't think of a british comedian right now...

    pauli malignaggi- boy george, they have similar eye brows and at some point, similar hair do's.

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    Pacquioa - Verne Troyer or Mini Me from teh austin power series and Weeman from jackass - They are all midgets

    Pacquiao - Chris Benoit, Barry Bonds - Steroid users

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    some on this board have too much time on their hands

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