Daily Thrash Attack..................?

Destruction - Bestial Invasion


The rhythm is infectious.

MQ: Favorite songs about animals?
BQ: Can you provide some links to some old school Thrash Metal songs?
Update: (The MQ is for any genre) and I liked that post very much, nodumguys. Billy looks a lot different than his voice sounds. (Did that make sense?)
Update 2: Ponce, your new pic takes on a whole new meaning if I look at it cross-eyed. (Lovin those posts)
Update 3: Ij put this one on Petrino. He seemed more worried about controversial calls than getting his team prepared for the SEC schedule.
Update 4: @ Headbanger:
WHY!! are you here?
You've disturbed the sabbath
You know the punishment
There's only one solution....DEATH!!
(hell yeah!)
Update 5: If you are peaking back in here to see who I picked for BA, good luck with that. There are multiple answers here that are worthy of BA...

I lilstened to everything, and y'all are cool. Great selections.

I may have to put this one to vote...

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