athens slave population compared to spartans slave population....?

I need help comparing athens slaves to spartans slave population...can anyone help me out here??!?!?!

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    In Athens we keep more of them and we call them "Philipinna's". They are officially registered as maids. Females only. Cheap.

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    Athenian was the bulk of Greece while the Spartans was a small neighbor. In Greece women had no rights while Spartan women ran the businesses and general society. The Spartan boys were taken off at a very young age, about 5 years old and appointed a male tutor. The men made out with men not women, they only got married when they wanted to breed. Most of the men were warriors and away fighting most of the time. The women ran everything. Have you seen that movie 300. It's not 100% historically accurate but its a beautiful film to watch and you'd get the gist. Practicing Shaman... quantum physics rocks.

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    It's been a while since high school, but if I remember correctly, the biggest difference was the ratio between slaves and citizens: Sparta had like 10-15 times the ratio of slaves (hulots) to citizens, and those slaves were mostly used for menial labor, with no rights whatsoever. In Athens, slaves were equal in numbers to (male) citizens, and they could climb up in social status, e.g. become teachers or policemen. They were still slaves though, without rights, and could be killed by their owner.

  • we Turks have slaves called Kurds... we force their kids to work in the streets, because we Turks Aryan race of Hitler

    Greeks and Armenians were our slaves too

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    we don't have slaves here in Greece

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