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Dog with slightly enlarged liver.?

My dog is a maltese/bichon and is 5 years old. For the last 2 weeks she has been vomitting now some yellow bile only ONCE a week. She hasnt vomitted since last sunday. I took her to the vet last monday and they did an xray and a few blood tests.

The xray showed a slightly enlarged liver and her ALT were elevated to 71 when it should be at 60. I'm so worried its cancer. What are my possibilties here? She has been playing and eatting the same. And hasnt vomitted since last Sunday.


no we dont give her any scraps she only eats dog food.

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    Hmm, once a week? Well, I guess it doesn't sound too bad. Is it possible you guys eat, say, ham, only on Sunday and she's eating leftovers? just a guess.

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