Why didn't the Eastern Roman Empire do more to prevent the slow and steady fall of the Western half?

and what was the relationship of the two?

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    The East Roman empire faced many of the same problems as Western portion.

    However, it had 2 main advantages that helped it survive.

    Firstly, Constantinople was positioned at the crossroads of East and West, so was a major trading centre for both.This meant the Eastern Empire was much richer than the West, and lots of money came directly to Constantinople (and therefore the emperor) because of this trade.

    Secondly, geographically Constantinople was much easier to defend than Rome. Any successful attack required a large, powerful warfleet, something barbarian armies didn't possess.

    Military reforms in the early 5th century by the emperors Zeno and Anastasius halted the army decline that was weakening the West, but essentially the Eastern empire couldn't spare much in the way of resources to help the West, concentrating on its own survival.

    As for the relationship between the 2, it was more often one of mistrust and interference rather than close alliance and friendship.

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    Just note That under Justinian I they did do a lot, Justinians Army reconquered Italy and the provinces along the Mediteranian coast The eastern Romans also couldnt spare much of an Army after the battle of Adrianople where they were wiped out by the Ostragoths because Emperor Valens was to impatiant and selfish to wait for the western Roman army to join him

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    Well the eastern Roman empire was wealthier but this also made it a target to the regional powers and given its weak military capabilities was in no position to split its army to depend the side that was destined to fail regardless of the easts intervention, while the eastern empire had regional competitors, the western half was totally surrounded by enemies in a region that was known to be difficult to defend.

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    The empire grew too big to self sustain itself. I don' t think that anything would have prevent its demise.

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