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URGENT!! 翻譯中文--> 英文 (10分)


「由於考試當日,亦為我本人擔任表姐婚禮之伴娘。現由衷希望能將本人之考試時間提早,即由 (6pm -8pm) 改為 (4pm - 6pm)。希望你們能體諒有關婚禮之事項早已安排,如有關服飾等方面。衷心希望校方能得以體諒及遷就。感激非常。」


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    As I am the bride's maid of my cousin on the examination day, I will be grateful if you can move up my examination from 6pm -8pm to 4pm - 6pm. As the wedding was arranged quite some time ago, I hope you can understand and grant my request. Thank you very much.

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