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RE改英作..上次得到高人指點, 發現自己寫作方面仍有很大進

According to the survey conducted by Hong Kong Police Force, there are about 4 thousands of juveniles are arrested for crime every year. One of the most criminal is to damage public properties, such as doing graffiti on walls and destroying fences. Though these criminals are trifling, it still poses a threat of the stability of society. Thus, the public should attend better to juvenile delinquency.

Many juvenile delinquencies come from the single-parent, low-income and uneducated family. As growing up in these families, juveniles may encounter much unhappy experience, instance of discrimination of society or cannot get enough commodities. Therefore, these juveniles are dissatisfied with society and do some anti-social behaviors to vent their angry.

For this reason, I think the public should focus on these families and provide more support to them. First of all, the public should change their attitude about the single-parent, low-income and uneducated family. In Hong Kong some people have a wrong concept that is all of juveniles coming from these families are problematic and label them. If we can eliminate this concept and accept them, they may incorporate into the society and reduce the amount of damaging public properties.

Moreover, I think the Government should provide more manpower to these juveniles, such as social workers and police. Many juvenile delinquencies happen at the mid-night, so we should increase more police to patrol, which can deter juveniles do the criminal things. Besides that, social workers can go out, where juveniles like going, such parks. Social workers still try to become their friends and communicate with them. Doing these, social workers can help them and know their thinking easily.

Last but not least, the juveniles’ parents should take more attend to their children although they are too busy. Also, if parents sense their children having peculiar behavior, they should ask their children or seek the assistant of some organizations.

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    According to a survey conducted by the Hong Kong Police, there are about four thousand cases each year related to juvenile delinquency. The most common is damaging public properties, such as graffiti and breaking fences. Such offences are trifling, they nevertheless pose a threat to social security and deserve public attention.

    Many juvenile delinquencies come from low-income, under-educated and single-parent families which provide little supports to their children both materially and emotionally, and are often victims of class discrimination. Such a background could be a hotbed of unattended anger and anti-social behaviors.

    To solve this problem, I believe what we, the public, can do is to offer better supports to these unprivileged families. First of all, we should perhaps adopt an attitude more sympathetic toward those low-income, under-educated and single-parent families, and stop labeling them as problematic or a social burden. This may help their children to better-integrate themselves into the society and become contributive members of it instead of a threat.

    On the other hand, I believe the Government should provide more manpower to prevent teenagers from becoming criminals. Most delinquency cases occurred at late night. The police may strengthen their late night patrols in order to signal a warning. Social workers may also try to befriend those teenagers in parks and playgrounds where they enjoy hanging out. This could be an efficient way for us to get into their world.

    Last but not least, parents should spend more time with their children in order to provide timely care and help. Once peculiar behaviors are spotted, parents should look into it or seek professional assistance as early as possible.



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