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  • 1 decade ago
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    In order to create-oriented enterprise route Yan Kai-at the beginning of the returnees in 1990 to when assuming office, Yue Loong, began to get an understanding of, at that time, nearly 40-year-old economy class in the policy orientation of the problem.His battle tangled up a sharp knife cut down them part of the old location "completely manufacturer's Guide", to "consumer-oriented".At the same time substantial improvements and Nissan, and integrate geographically dispersed four Sanyi's workflow concentrated in one place.Ignore the needs and the objective environment/technical hurdle that the restrictions in the past, Yue Loong customer satisfaction based on ' pursuit "by the business concept, attempt by total cost advantage, meet consumer demand; however, the pursuit of domestic automobile industry mostly motor performance.This kind of competition in a low degree of entry barriers, competitors, easy-to-copy between formation domestic automotive products with a high degree of homogeneous.In addition, as Taiwan's accession to the WTO, imported cars after the implementation of the policy on tariffs adjusted downward, original cost advantages no longer exists, in the face of competition from foreign famous yard, traditional automobile manufacturing industry innovation, must be given before it can consolidate the lives of its own market.

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    6 years ago

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