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梁磊 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago



我是個很有經驗的國中英文老師 但卻從未教過小學生





是先把試教的內容錄在收音機裡面 還是今天去在直接教給主任看就好了





請幫幫忙 謝謝

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    Since you are an English teacher, please allow me to answer in English. It's very tiring to type Chinese using my English keyboard.

    Your 1st question:

    I think you should ask your future employer (主任) what type of demo they want.

    Your 2nd question:

    點心(good topic!)

    Here are a few steps:

    1. Attention Getter:

    Prepare a few different types of snacks and invite the students to try. Ask them what they like the most. Ask them if they know the names of the snacks. Letting them write down what they know on the whiteboard.

    If it's too hard for them to spell the words, print out small cards with one name of snack on each card. Let them match the snacks with the names on cards.

    2. Learn the names for snacks:

    Go through the names of snacks that you want them to learn.

    Cookies, cakes, cheese sticks, crackers, and many more.

    3. Extend from the nouns(names of snacks) they learns:

    There are endless options.

    For example, look at the ingredient(flour, sugar, butter, etc.). Talk about making/baking snacks.

    Introduce the food pyramid. See the following website for more:

    Printing out a food pyramid (or any visual aid-pictures) will help kids focus.

    You may also talk about health concerns. Such as, one needs to exercise self-discipline while having snacks. Be wise in choosing what snack to have.

    For this part(#3) I suggest that you print out a short article or a few sentences according to the students' level. Use them as 例句 and conversation starter.

    Create time for interaction by letting students use the sentences they learn in conversation. For example:

    Student A:What is your favorite snack?

    Student B: Chocolate chip cookies. How about you?

    Student A: Ice cream.

    Student B: What flavor?

    Student A: (My favorite flavor of ice cream is )Vanilla.


    The above are just suggestions. There are countless ways to do it. Looking forward to more answers.

    Hope you have fun teaching!

    2009-10-26 15:21:33 補充:

    Sorry for the typo: Question2 Step3:

    Extend from the nouns(names of snacks) they learns

    -->should be: ....they learn

    There are probably more little mistakes like this. :p

    Source(s): Welcome to visit my blog about teaching elementary grades in the US:
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