What's the name of this short animated film?

I saw it a while back on the HBO channel (it could have been STARZ or Cinemax but I'm pretty sure it was HBO). I don't know how long it was but it was about a young man with a thick irish accent that went and killed a dragon and became a king (I think). It was done in the sort of chalk animation as the short film The Snowman. First person that can help me find this film gets the 10 points.

Also, does anyone know what that type of animation is called?



It's not that Robert Zemeckis 3D movie. The movie I'm talking about is done in a sort of chalk-like animation.

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    If it was a short on HBO is was most likely an episode of "Animated Tales of the World" Each episode about 15 minutes in length has a different animation style. often use these to fill time between two movies.

    I think your looking for "The Green man of Knowlege" it has that 'chalky' art style (I don't know what it's called either) and Scottish accents but there is no Dragon.

    It's actually on of the few on Youtube.


    Youtube thumbnail


    If that isn't what your looking for it might be a different episode

    Here's link to the DVD info it lists each episode alphabetically according to culture


    It would most likely be one of the stories from Ireland, Scotland, or Wales

    Most aren't online at all and air irregularly you just has to be lucky enough to catch

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    i think its "Beowolf", it's a nice movie.

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