World Series 2009? Who will win? Phillies or Yankees?

Who are you picking to win the world series?

Who do you want to win?

Im going for the Yankees and I believe they will win it in 6 games.

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    I will say Yankees in 7 because these teams are about as evenly matched up like never before except for catcher and closer. I also believe that each team will win one game in the other team's ballpark.

    Infield: push

    Outfield: push

    Catcher: Yankees

    Rotation: Phillies (at the #4 spot)

    Bullpen: push

    Closer: Yankees

    Oh, and both teams steal bases smartly.

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    Actually im not afraid of their Pitching. Their hitting maybe but that's all. The Yankees have Home field advantage but the Phillies have a good away record so thats something the Yanks should watch out for.

    i'd say the Yankees will win in 5.

    Source(s): Just ri...... GO YANKEES
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    I said all along that the AL Champs were going to win the WS.

    As an Angels fan, I don't care who wins.

    As a baseball fan, it would be interesting to see the Phillies win back-to-back. However, I think the Yankees are the better team.

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    The NY Yankees/ The Phillies got to remember we are not the Tampa Bay Rays!!

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    Yankees in 7

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    The Phillies are hot, but wait until they meet Mr. November and co. Yankees in 6.

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    Well, their lineups are about the same, their coaching is about the same, their pitching is about the same with a slight advantage to NY's closer (interesting fact is Lidge has the NL postseason save record, and everyone knows that Rivera has the MLB record). But I don't think the Yankees have the heart and drive to win that the Phillies do. The Phillies get clutch hits throughout their lineup, even their pitchers put up good at bats. Phils in 6.

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    You prediction is wrong.

    Yankees in 4. Go for the sweep.

    Come on, Cliff Lee who? Other than him, everyone is far from dominating. I would rather bet on AJ's 96 fastball and Pettitte 16 postseason wins.

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