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Why is Obama keeping quite on the Nicaraguan issue?

If I remember correctly, on the Sunday that Manuel Zelaya was ousted from the presidency in Honduras Obama waisted no time to condemned the actions that the Supreme Court in Honduras took. Obama said then and still maintains that the actions that the court in Honduras took were unconstitutional. The interim government of Honduras that is being ran by president Roberto Michelleti have stated that the decision the court took in June to oust then president Manuel Zelaya was constitutional. They also stated that what Zelaya wanted to do was unconstitutional and that is one of the reasons why they elected to oust Zelaya from the presidency. Now, this past week Daniel Ortega Saavedra did not get the votes needed for a reform which would have allowed him to run for president indefinitely getting him closer to dictatorship. This is the same reform Zelaya was after before the court in Honduras decided to oust him. Since Ortega did not get the votes needed, Ortega and a group of mayors appeal to the Nicaragua Supreme Court and the court decided to lift a constitutional ban on re-election, clearing the way for Ortega to run for president in 2011. So why is Obama quite on this issue? This is a challenge for the administration's foreign policy. So far this administration has sided with Zelaya in Honduras, Ahmadinejad in Iran, has upset our allies over the missile shield program just to name a few. Well, now there are no excuses: this is a clear and plain bid for dictatorship. What are they going to do? Will they support freedom or will they support a dictator in the making?

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    It is quiet and he is supportive of helping to alleviate the problem with negotiations. Obama will support freedom. We however can not force our view of the world on them and it is none of our freakin business what THEY decide. That is unless you are OK with Russian telling us what is OK for us to decide.

    How would you like a foreign country dictating to you what you could or could not do and whoever thought that was a policy we had the right to have.

    We smug americans. We have hell to pay for our intrusion into the world. We need to keep our big fat noses out of other countries business.


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