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Has your taste in music affected your political views?

A lot of punks I know claim to be anarchist, and they don't even know what it is, Can't name a single school of anarchism or name any anarchist revolutionaries, I don't think you have to know everything about a political idea, but its kinda stupid to claim you are an anarchist, when you don't even know who Peter Kropotkin or Murray Brookchin are, but they know who discharge are.

Has anybody on here chosen their political views, based on their taste in music?

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    With me I like a lot of music that includes Punk mostly, but others genres as well, which most genres/sub genres of music I like is Alternative and to me true Alternative has Punk as it's base & structure - To me with Punk being what ties true Alternative all together & it's where it starts & maybe posers who say they like Alternative but not Punk may disagree with me, but I could care less about posers' opinions anyway. That being said, I have to say as someone else mentioned too, in regards to music I like, I think it's more the other way around in the fact that I like a lot of music that I do - especially Punk, because of my political views.

    For example I don't think that the wealthy elite of the world have a right to exploit the working class, I don't think people have a right to go starting wars for profit, I don't think companies have a right to pollute the planet & expect everybody to live with or I don't think companies and especially billionaires have a right to force everybody everybody to clean up the mess they make of everything.

    That being said, myself I don't even claim to be an anarchist, although I do know a lot of people don't know Leo Tolstoy is. Even though, I can't say I'm an anarchist, I do respect anarchists who stand up against fascists, nazis and communists too. I'm a person who believes in God, but I never did like narrow minded conservatives as they are the bunch who thinks it's OK to do those things I don't think is right to force on everyone else, just because they have political power. That being said, I don't support the libertarians either for one because they have the same epic fail ideas as the conservatives with their lassiez faire economic policies that have bankrupted countries already as it is. I can say I know this with a certainty about lassiez faire ideas not working, because even Treasure Secretary Alan Greenspan admitted that he was wrong about deregulating the stock market and financial intitutions including bank and saving & loans institutions on this show -

    Which by the way, some of Alan Greenspan's inspiration was from the writer Ayn Rand, which adds another reason I can't stand Ayn Rand. Oh and by the way I don't trust the Democrats either, especially as many of them have been selling out and getting in the World Bank Group's pocket too as Obama has already has. While I don't agree with everything Tolstoy mentions and I don't agree for example with every single thing the Green Party has as a platform - I do like some of their ideas though.

    Have I ever based my political views on my taste in music? I would say no as I don't agree with every single thing that bands I like say. However I will say this, if a lot of Hardcore Punk bands I like weren't political and in fascists faces and if they were pop crap bands instead like green ear-rape (green day) & blinky they're so phew (blink 182) - they wouldn't be real Punk to me and if they were like pop crap poser bands who called themselves Punk like the crap I just mentioned, I'd be throwing their cds in a garbage compactor or using their cds as frisbees till they crashed & broke on a concrete road or sidewalk. If I want to listen to some Industrial or something else - I'll listen to that, but when I have my heart on listening to Punk Rock - that's what I expect - not some bubble gum band like green ear rape calling themselves Punk.

    I like Discharge, Dead Kennedys & many, many other Punk bands, but I can't always believe in a utopian world, unless a lot of change takes place such as consideration of others triumphing over greed, narcissism, vanity, egos, etc.

    ONE MORE THING I WILL SAY IS, it's good to have idealism, but never risk everything to destruction when one doesn't have a backup plan - THE LINK I GAVE ABOVE SHOWS THAT CLEARLY AS THE WORST COULD STILL YET HAPPEN AS IT MENTIONS THAT THE OTC DERIVATIVES MARKET HAD GROWN BY 2007 TO 595 TRILLION DOLLARS NOT BILLIONS OR MILLIONS BUT 595 TRILLION AND REMEMBER THIS RECENT BAILOUT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FOR 1.5 TRILLION & 8.5 TRILLION THAT STILL HASN'T BEEN ADMITTED ABOUT. HOW DOES 10 TRILLION TOTAL REPAIR LOSSES OF WHAT COULD BECOME A 595 TRILLION DOLLAR LOSS? LAISSIEZ FAIRE ECONOMICS(NO REGULATIONS) = WORLD BANKRUPTCY & SUPER DEADLY FAIL NOT JUST EPIC FAIL BECAUSE EXTREME WORLD DEPRESSION IS WHAT STARTS WORLD WARS. If Democrats (so called liberals) can't be trusted any more than the Republican(conservatives) or especially the Libertarians to regulate Wall Street & especially derivatives or anything that comes up that's riskier - someday a world depression will hit that makes others look like a walk in the park. I'm not just talking from what the President or other world executive branch leaders do either, but the legislative branches as well. Greed MUST be regulated just like a forest fire should be or everything will be consumed if it's not.

    Source(s): I'm a progressive moderate who swings more to the liberal side, but I don't believe in extremism on either side. For example as I mentioned Tolstoy - he was a Christian Anarchist who was a pacifist who even inpired Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr. and others. I'd like to be pacifist if this was an idea I thought would work, but the way the world is right now, I don't think it would work. I know there's differences between communism and fascism for example, but Trotsky tried telling Stalin that and it got him dead. Of course Lenin's ideas were not the same as Karl Marx's either. As I've mentioned to others, I maybe an idealist when it comes to hoping and I'd love to be more of an optimist when it comes to ideals, but the reality of the current world forces my self to to have caution. Also realism too, also has a tad too much skepticism & pessimism sometimes, and that's why I go with pragmatism.
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    I first started hearin punk music when I was about 10. Im not ashamed to say that back then, I did it for the wrong reasons. Now I've grown up and it's entirely different. I dont claim to be an anarchist, but I know that the music I listened to over the years has given me some insight on a lot of things. I wouldn't say i have chosen my political views based on my music, but the things they talk about has given me the awareness I need to find my own beliefs and not believe everything I am told.

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    i don't know who Murray Brookchinor Peter Kroptkin are. but then again, i don't claim to be an anarchist.

    and, no. my taste in music does not affect my political views. The fact that the guitarist of my favorite band is conservative just happens to be a perk. But i found that out AFTER i decided my politcal views and after i picked Aerosmith as my favorite band.

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    Nah, I don't think anybody bases their beliefs on music. The trendy emo/scene kids that say sh*t like "music=life" that would be absolutely devastated if thier $200 iPod touch battery ran out are the only ones that let the media run their lives.

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    If anything it's the other way around. I probably tend to gravitate more towards music that reinforces things I go in for.

    I think it's really weird that anarchy has largely come to be associated with juveniles throwing molotov cocktails at a McDonalds.

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    when i was first getting into punk definatly YEAH

    but when i took Government in high school, my views changed drastically. I had the best Govnment teacher (SHOUT OUT TO MRS.GRAFFENHORST aka MS.WASHINGTON) and she is the biggest influence i ever had in my life and because of her i'm proud to say i'm a LIBERAL. My choice to be a Liberal came from her methods of teaching and NOT my music.

    Source(s): Oi PUNX with their boots and braces! SKINHEADS stomping on your Faces! KIDS ARE STANDING F*CKEN STRONG UNITE AND FIGHT IF YOU KNOW IT'S WRONG.
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    Classic Rock and Folk music probably did influence my belief in pacifism and opposition to war. I listened to Bob Dylan and Peter, Paul, and Mary. Elvis Costello had songs on This Year's Model and Oliver's Army that had interesting political ideas. "Big Tears" mean nothing when you're lying in your coffin. :) I remember that song about hypocritical and fake politicians. "Lawyers, Guns, and Money" by Warren Zevon is another good song.

    When you listen to a song over and over, the lyrics sink into your mind and bounce around in your head.

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    Nope the Clash are my fave band and noted as left wing,i am more right wing.

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    Yes, actually. I may be 13, but before I started to listening to bands like Rise Against & Anti-Flag, I couldn't care less about politics. But now I'm like "HEY! That's not right. The war is wrong. Fair trade please! etc..". I guess you could say I'm a Leftist, with a little bit of Anarchism.


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    Music to me is for entertainment and is therapeutic. So no, my views are based on my beliefs on how my life should be and how i should live

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