Why are Palestine and Israel fighting?

Sorry for the ignorance, but I know there's fighting going on, im just not sure why? is it over religion?, land? money? oil? why do they hate each other so much?

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    My word, this is a toughie.

    I'll give you an ultra short version

    Beginning in the late 1800s, the Jews were being persecuted more and more in Europe. They began moving to the area that is now Israel in greater numbers to escape that persecution.

    The Arabs who already lived in that land, which at the time was a province of the Muslim Ottoman Empire, weren't too thrilled about it. The Jews had more money than them and could afford to buy the best land. (who did they buy it from? Rich Ottoman Muslim land owners who were willing to sell the land that other Muslims lived on because the Jews were rich)

    After World War I, the land was taken over by the British. The British promised both the Arabs and the Jews that they could have the land to form their own country. However the British were lying to both of them. They just wanted the two groups to fight, so that they would be easier to rule over.

    Then after World War II, the whole are was in chaos and there was basically a Civil War in the land that is now Israel. The British turned the whole deal over to the United Nations to deal with. The UN decided that they would divide the land into 2: About 1/3 of the land would go to the Jews and 2/3 to the Palestinian Arabs. But the Palestinians weren't happy, and neither were the other Arab countries. When the Jews declared the independence of their country "Israel" they were attacked by the armies of several different Arab countries. The other Arab countries claimed they were trying to help the Palestinian Arabs, but really they just wanted to make their own countries stronger and richer.

    Israel, despite being outnumbered in equipment and man-power eventually won the war. But to hold all this territory, they were required to kick a large number of Palestinians out of the country. Many of these Palestinians moved to the area known as "The West Bank" which was a part of the country of Jordan.

    In 1967, Jordan attacked Israel, but again Israel won the war. They took over the West Bank and inherited all those people that they had kicked out 20 years earlier.

    Basically, the Palestinians are upset because they believe the Israelis took their land. The Israelis are upset because the Palestinians wouldn't share the land with them in the first place. The Palestinian people are kept poor by their leaders so that they can show how "cruel" Israel is to the Palestinians. Throw the fact that Israel is a Jewish state, and most Palestinians are Muslim in and you've got a 'Holy War', with fanatics on both sides willing to slaughter innocent people in the name of their religion.

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    They love to hate each other ever since Moses brought the Jews to the promised land. At that time it was the Filestinians (today's Palestinians) When the Jews left the area there was peace for a while. The British gave them part of that area after the 2nd world war and trouble began again. It has to do with land, religion, and not recognizing each other do to ignorance on both sides.

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    Palestine is a region, Israel is a state. More accurately, militant Palestinian Arabs under Hamas are fighting with the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) over Israel's right to exist. In 1917 Great Brittan conquered the region from the Ottoman Turks. Brittan split the land between the Jews and the Muslims, creating a Jewish State (Israel) and a Arab State (Jordan) Even though the Arabs got 75% of the land (Jordan is three times the size of Israel) they demanded more and have been denying the existence of the State of Israel ever since. Now 60 years later, after numerous failed attempt to wipe the Jews out, the Palestinian Arabs live in self imposed squalor as they fire rockets into Israeli neighborhoods and plant bombs in coffee shops.

    Before the Arabs try to convince you that the so-called Palestinians have lived here since time began, you need to understand that Palestine is a region, NOT a country meaning that ANYONE who lives here is known as a Palestinian. Prior to the creation of Israel in 1948, the Jews were also referred to as Palestinians. Around 77AD the Romans suppressed the last great Jewish uprising in the region and as punishment renamed the Provence of Judea as Palaestina (Palestine) after the Philistines, the ancient Greek enemy of the Jews. Note that the Philistines were Greek not Arabs. Flash forward a thousand years to the crusades and Arab Muslims from Saudi Arabia now control Jerusalem. Flash forward a few hundred more years and Jerusalem and the surrounding area have fallen into disrepair. Crops failed, and the land is barren. For the next 500 years the regions is sparsely populated by Bedouins, small Jewish settlements and peoples with no other place to go. A few farmers existed, but the majority of the land was barren. In the late 1800s the first Zionists begin arriving and start clearing the swamps and farming the land. Applying modern agricultural practices, the land begins to flourish once again. It is not until after the Zionists do this that the majority of Arab immigration into the region begins. By 1917 the British are in control of the region, and enact many pro-Arab policies designed to ingratiate themselves with the Arabs. By 1938 the British had imposed severe limits on Jewish immigration while allowing Arabs to enter the land freely. During and shortly after WWII, British forces regularly deported newly arrived Jews back to Europe where many were hunted down and exterminated by the Nazis. In 1948 the British under the direction of the UN ceded land for the creation of a Jewish homeland. The Arabs fought this tooth and nail; they wanted no homeland for the Jews. I point this out because the British legally gave that land to the Jews. Land that they themselves legally won in battle from the Ottoman Turks who had controlled the land for several hundred years before that. There has never been a sovereign state know as Palestine, no Palestinian government, no ethnically Palestinian people. The Arabs living in the region all emigrated from other Arabs states in the area. They were squatters from foreign lands living on Ottoman lands. When the British gained control of the region, they gave most of the land to Arabs, but not all. That’s the source of the problem. The Arabs demand all the land, every last inch of it, and will not rest until the Jews are wiped out and driven into the sea. There will be no peace as long as the Arabs continue to demand that the Jews give up all the land. A two state solution already exists, Israel and Jordan, just as it was originally intended, the Arabs just refused to move to the Arab land and instead demanded to stay on the Israeli land and make a SECOND Arab state. If modern Israel is split to accommodate a second Arab state, the Arabs will still demand more land. If a single state solution goes forward, the Arabs will simply breed the Jews out of power. They will embrace western democracy only as long as necessary to gain a majority, then vote sharia into power and exterminate the Jews. Either way the Jews loose. The only solution that makes any sense is for the Palestinians, most of whom are Jordanian citizens anyway, to move to Jordan and leave the Israelis in peace.

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    The people who deserve the most blame are not the Israelis or the Palestinians, nor the Jews or the Muslim and Christians.

    But rather, it's the fault of the British who forged the Balfour Declaration without any concern for what the people already living in the land thought about it......

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    haha at the guy who said for teh lulz


    Once upon a time there was a country called Palestine full of people called Palestinians, duh.

    Faraway there were these people called Jews who lived in different places. Anyway, Hitler killed a bunch of em, so the Jews said, "Oh Noez! We can haz country?" so the British stole Palestine and gave it to the Jews, and they made a country called "Israel".

    So of course the Palestinians didn't take this sitting down, and I mean, who would, right?

    YEah, that's pretty much it.


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    It is because the israelites came to palestine and said that they owned the land but the muslims refused which caused the war and the muslims were detroying the isroelites but they had contacted the US which helped the isrealites even though it is muslims land

    they are fighting for land

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    Oh, man. There have been many books, theses, etc written on this topic. Try wikipedia to get your mind blown. It is a very complex issue and I doubt you'll get a good answer here. There is just too much to talk about in a yahoo answer. But in one word I guess you could say: Religion.

  • Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes.

    There is no definitive answer to your question. If there was a definitive answer, then it would be easy to work out a solution. It is an incredibly sensitive situation with lots of wrongs on both sides. The US and international community have tried to grab them both by the ear and yell "STOP!" but to no avail. It is a chain reaction of violence and treachery by both. Really there needs to be a slow bi-partisan peace, but that will be very hard to acheive because of the demands of each side.

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    theyre fighting cuz jews think they could just go to a country aka Palestine n claim it as their's just cuz of the Holocaust. there is no such thing as Israel that so called country is called PALESTINE.

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    For teh lulz

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