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Separation code "MCD" on Army DD214..?

On an Army DD214 what does the separation code "MCD" mean? Also under Character of Service, what does "uncharacterized" mean? Thank you!


Definitely says "MCD" and did check the site referred to and code not listed. Thank you!

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    Not too sure of what "MCD" is, can you look at your 214 and ensure that it says MCD. You can check the link below which has a long list of alphanumeric discharge codes. As for the "uncharacterized" issue, I once had someone in the Air Force Reserves attempt to join the Navy, who had the same thing on this DD214. The way it was explained to me is that he was not in the Air Force long enough to receive another disposition. Since he was a reservist, he only went to Basic training and Tech School then was discharged from active duty.

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    Us Army Discharge Codes

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    I still have no clue to what the A stands for in in the Character of Service ,can someone help me please

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