Brand new tv looks grainy?

I just bought a brand new 37" LCD Vizion tv... Im using an antenna for now because im waiting to get the cable all hooked up and ive noticed 1 channel comes in perfect but all the other ones look like crap.. also i hooked up my ps3 and the picture is all grainy.. i was told that the hdmi cables would fix this but im not sure about watching tv.. anyone have any ideas?


im on my ps3 and its on 480i doesnt give me an option to change that but hdmi cables fix that right?

Update 2:

The hd channel looks amazing and the DT is good but the rest suck. thats because the antenna right?

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    Grainy is common if you feed a HDTV with a standard def signal.

    Type your address into and it will tell you the digital and HD channels in your area.

    But standard def - was developed in 1948 for a nine-inch screen. These stations will always look grainy on a modern HD display.

    Get the HD-DVR box from your cable company (the DVR feature will change the way you watch TV forever - trust me.)

    Order a budget HDTV from and have it at home before the cable guy shows up. These cables will let you increase the video on your PS3 and cable box.

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    I'm not sure quite what you mean by grainy, but it may be that the sharpness and contrast are turned up way too high. New sets are frequently shipped set up with a"punchy" set of picture settings. Go into the menus and see if there are alternate settings. It's probably set up on somethiing like "Vivid". Change it to "standard" or whatever Vizio calls it. And maybe adjust the sharpness down a bit or see if it has a noise reduction setting.

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    you need to go to setting and change a video setting from whatever HD it is to a 1080i or a 1080p which ever is higher on your TV, if it go that high. if that doesn't work then change the setting on your PS3. As for having the antenna thats probably the signal.

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