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TEENS: Can you name every...?

Can you name every teacher you've ever had?

I can remember all except Pre K and fifth grade, some sixth grade electives

I'll post mine in a min.


Pre K: Mrs. Phyllis & _____

Elementary SCHOOL:

Kindergarten: Mrs. Parker & Mrs. Hewett

First: Mrs. Willie & Mrs. Hewett

Second: Mrs. Cheers

Third: Mrs. Cheers & Mrs. Kinzer(she died that year)

Fourth: Mrs. Smith

Fifth: Mr.Handschumacher(all I know is his name is translated into, hand shoe maker), Mrs. Canday, Ms. Cox, Mrs. Robinson

Same electives teacher the whole year through.


Sixth: Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Bennett, Mr. Hughes, Mrs. Moffett, Ms. Pruitt, Mrs. I think her name started w/ a G, Mrs. Shuffler, Mrs. Bumgardner, Mrs. Jackson

Seventh: Mrs. Sweat(Math & Science), Ms. Dawson(SStudies & English), Mrs. Miranda, Mrs. Poe(orange skinned b_tc.H

Eighth: Mrs. Creighton/Negron, Mrs. Morton, Mrs. Aktinson, Mrs. Richardson, Mrs. Poe, Mr. Levin


Freshman first semester: Mrs. Clayton, Coach Caraway, Ms. Blalock, Mrs. Nix, Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Umberger

Sophomore first semester: Mrs. Clayton, Mrs. Gerald, Ms. Tripp, Ms. Blalock

Junior: HOME SCHOOLED first semester, my mom

Update 2:

It seems like I have wayyyy more teachers than everybody else's.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    from kindergarten on. I remember one preschool teacher, but it wasn't her real name. Everyone called her Mrs. Woodchip because her name was something like that. From then on:

    K- Mrs. hopkins

    1- Mrs. Panachyda (i remember how to spell it too)

    2- Miss Flicker

    3- Mrs. Dubin

    4- Mrs. Howard

    5- Mrs. Dougherty

    6- Mrs. Silvers for half the year, Miss Nolasco for the other half, and Mr. Ruggeri for math.

    In elementary school, my specials teachers were always:

    Music: Mr. Groover

    Art: Mr. G (it was Genesky or something) and Miss Wexelblatt for 6th grade

    Computers: Homeroom teacher

    Gym: Mr. Buchner

    Library (it was a required special in elementary school): Mrs. Rosencrans.

    Pen (enrichment class): Mrs. Kates for 4th and 6th, Mr. Marshall for 5th.

    7- Mr. Whelan for math, Mr. Breeden for science, Mrs. Hagan for English and pen, Mr. Barno for history

    Then for 7th grade specials: Mr. Sanchez for performing arts, Mr. Weir for P.E, Mr. Dallas for tech, Mrs Bender for art, Mrs Fosbenner for computer apps, and Mrs. Cooney and Mrs. Rienmiller for Family Consumer Science

    8- Mr. Knoedler for history, Madame Del Rosario for French, Miss Goral for math, Mr. Breeden again for science, Mr. Kaeser for English

    8 grade specials: Mr. Glaser for chorus, Mr. Weir for P.E., Mr. Dallas for tech, Mrs. Fosbenner for Computer Apps, Mrs. Cooney and Mrs. Reinmiller for Family Consumer Science and Miss Shull for Pen.

    I'm in 8th now, so I haven't had Comp. Apps, Fam Con Sci, or Pen yet.

    So yeah I guess I can remember them all?

  • 1 decade ago


    Reception: Miss Booth

    Year 1: Miss Dien (spelling?)

    Year 2: Miss Forsyth (spelling?)

    Year 3: Miss Price

    Year 4: Miss Elvin

    Year 5: Mr Weirdon

    Year 6: Miss Mitchel

    Year 7: Ms Byrne

    Year 8: Mr Simpsons

    Year 9: Mr Docherty

    Year 10: Mr Docherty

    And then in Year 11 i will have Mr Docherty again :)

    Thats Just Registration.. i would be here til christmas if i named EVERY teacher I ever had... 5 schools, hundreds of teachers..

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Kinder:Mrs.Antanatchie (i dont remeber how it was spelled.

    Grade 1:IDR i moved alot that year

    Grade 2: Mrs. Maguire SLeath

    Grade3 : Mrs.Toth

    Grade 4 : Mrs.Pena

    Grade5 : Mrs. Toth Agian

    Grade 6: Mrs. Furiato

    Grade 7 : Mrs. Le Blanc Carr , Ms. Bartnik in the end (cause my teacher got prego )

    Grade 8 - (currently) Mrs.Nicholson

  • 1 decade ago


    Mrs. Penge

    Mrs. Willis

    Mrs. Glabach

    Mrs. Ordway

    Mrs. Darrow

    Mrs. Godbout

    Mrs. Philban

    Mrs. Warren

    Mrs. Caraco

    Mr. Smithwick

    Mr. Diedrich

    Mr. Hannum

    Mr. Hannum

    Mrs. Rella

    Mrs. Ivey

    Damn, I had a lot of girl teachers!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yep :)

    Mrs Parsons (junior K and senior K)

    Mrs Hay (gr. 1)

    Mrs Butler (gr 2)

    Mrs Boutte (gr3)

    Mrs Oates (gr 4 + gr 5)

    Ms Mintsez (gr 6)

    Mr Marquis (gr 7)

    Mr Hogg (gr 8)

    I remember all of my gr 9 + gr 10 teachers, but I don't want to write out all of those, lol. 8 per year is a lot and I'm lazy.

  • 1 decade ago

    Kinder: Foster


    2: FORGET.

    3: Parret

    4: Robin

    5: Myette

    6: fitz, duncan, potter, perla-mullens

    7: Bottomly, Mossman, Cummings and Shattuck

    8: Jepson, Crowly, vanderhoof, tobia

  • 1 decade ago

    Kinder: Mrs.Gardner and I forget the other one

    1st Grade: Mrs Burris, and I forget the other one ;)

    2nd grade: I completely forget hers.

    3rd: I forget both.

    4th Grade: Mrs. Marrone, and my french teacher from grade 3-8, forgot her name too.

    5th Grade: Mr. Rocci

    6th Grade: Mr. Curto

    7th Grade: Mrs. Panchezak

    8th Grade: Mr.DeTullio

    9th Grade: 1st semester: We had two, Mrs.Daly who left since she was pregnant and then we had Andrade.. the rest of this semester was Mr.Barrett, I forget my business teacher, and I forget my english teacher too.. 2nd semester: Ms.Lussier, Mrs.Tabone, I forget my science teacher, and then Mr.Guidice

    10th grade: 1st semester: Mr.Graziano, Mr.Dzieman, Mr.Davis, Mr.Clements 2nd semester: I forget my 1st period teacher, Mr.Graziano again, I forget my 3rd teacher, Miss.Elliott

    11th grade: 1st semester: Mrs.Vanderlinden, Mr.Lamont, Mr.Patarrachia, Ms.Nezezon

    I can't believe I forgot half of my teachers names!

  • Preschool and elementary:

    Debian, Coogan, Anderson, Tattan, Leech, Leiting, Webb

    Middle School:

    Douglas, Fromm, Majetic, Salley, Mielock, Johnson, Weycker, Rochon, Slaughter, Hollingsworth, Blackburn


    I was homeschooled for two years.

    Chanavier, McLennan, Haglund, Huntley, Walker, Merrill, Conley

    haha. wow

  • ?
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    No. I have mild short term memory. I barely can remember all of my teachers from last year.

    I'll try though..

    Kinder: William

    1st: White

    2nd: Woods

    3rd: Uh... Long

    4th: Some mean hunched grumpy lady.

    5th: silverstrini...wait no. that was my 4th grade teacher.

    Lombardo and some other guy

    6th:Mr. Field and some lady

    7th: Don't remember

    8th: Don't remember....

    9th: UM...Okay I give up

  • Amber
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago


    prek: muhler

    kindergarten: wiley

    first: lentine

    second: etzel

    third: quinan

    fourth: sandler and kimmons

    fifth: kutz tedeshi and tsamouras

    gym: coaver

    art: scaretta

    library: schmidt

    tech: rist

    music: jones


    sixth: gottschalk miller bayne latgis eichhorn chamberlin sanborn kopp knapp morris mconahay

    seventh: porcella lehmer miller laughter opitz mattikitus sanborn knapp knight

    eighth: greenfield alter shepard mcnulty horn gray mattikitus lowe knapp


    ninth: spinner stiffler maier kirkpatrick knight weber mattern

    tenth: spinner weissman davis sours morgan miller fitch

    eleventh: lambert miller fetter maranville frisch weaver dunn mckinzie

    (only a junior)

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