Am I having a side effect of Prozac?

I recently started taking prozac and I feel usually excited about everything. I mean I know that it's supposed to change my mood but it shouldn't change it that much. I feel like I am a totally different person. I can barely stand to stay still. I am all over the place. I stopped taking Prozac 2 days ago because I was feeling weird. One day I literally felt so bad. All my muscles were hurting. At one point in the day I could barely stand to lift my finger. I feel like I am a completely different person in class. I don't know what to do with myself. I say stuff that I normally wouldn't say to people and it's scaring me. This didn't start happening till after I started taking Prozac. Help!!

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    Summary of Adverse Reaction Reports for Prozac (Fluoxetine)

    Note - these are not all adverse reactions - only those most serious.

    1998 cases

    Depression Suicidal/Suicidal Ideations: 113

    Attempted Suicides (not completed): 65

    Completed Suicides: 187

    Deaths (not from Suicide): 34

    Homicidal Ideations: 12

    Homicides/Murders: 17

    Hypomania/Mania: 31



    I would recommend you to watch following DVD that is available online if you have fast internet. It's told by psychiatrists, psychologists and people who worked for pharmaceutical companies. It informs you - beside other things - about side effects that are not often being told by psychiatrists. It also suggests an alternative in the end. When you then make a decision to take antidepressants, you may be better prepared, educated and understand what's going on when you encounter some bad side effects. I would say that these information are actually vital.

    The link sounds a little scary - that’s because many antidepressants have suicidal thoughts and impulses as side effects which you can also read inside the pack of some antidepressants.

    Watch trailer 1:55 min (DVD free to watch on-line)

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    The whole DVD

    Fox News about pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly (Prozac, Zyprexa and others)

    3:36 min

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    Source(s): Douglas Kennedy Award winning investigative reporter Douglas Kennedy appears on FOX News’ “Hannity’s America,” exposes the link between psychiatric drugs (antidepressants) and acts of violence and suicide. Fox News Big Story with Douglas Kennedy on how Big Pharma leaves out the bad studies and downplays the nasty side effects of their highly addictive drugs. FOX News’ Douglas Kennedy reports how Eli Lilly’s greedy marketing efforts cost it in a $1.42 billion lawsuit.
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    It has been confirmed through scientist that Prozac is without doubt one of the such a lot various medicinal drugs. Causing extra stipulations than it honestly is helping. Most folks can't take Prozac without having no less than one million facet influence. If you quit taking Prozac without right tracking you'll be able to have many issues too. Look at this manner, if a drug attic out of the blue stops utilising they cross by way of detox, it might range from shaking to sweating, getting irritated to napping at all times, over consuming or no longer consuming in any respect. If you're having any of those I propose you search clinical concentration instantly.

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    Can psychiatrists help you with antidepressants? Are there any cures in psychiatry today? How many people have been cured? What are your chances?

    Check it for yourself - hear it from interviewed psychiatrists.

    5 minutes video

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    Is there any difference in how diagnosis are made in medicine and psychiatry?

    Check it for yourself. 2 minutes video.

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    Psychiatrists about their diagnostic manual and side effects

    50 sec public announcement

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