What Is The Hottest Synthesizer For Music?

What Is The Hottest Synthesizer For Music?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Vague question. What type of synthesizer, and what type of music?

    For software, I would try using Absynth 4, Sylenth1, or GeForce impOSCar, both subtractive synths.

    For hardware, I like the Korg R3. If you have the money, go with the Access Virus TI 2 instead. Both of these are subtractive synths as well.

    If you want an additive synthesizer, try using Morphine by Image-Line.

    If you want a modular synth, try Zebra by u-he.

    If you want a ROMpler, check out reFX's Nexus2.

    If you want a wavetable synth, try z3ta+ by Cakewalk.

    If you want an FM synth, check out Cypher (part of Synth Squad by FXpansion)

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