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How is Boise State ahead of Iowa in the BCS polls?

Nothing agaisnt Boise State but I don't see how the computers have Boise State ahead of Iowa. Boise State's best 5 wins are

#10 Oregon, @ Fresno State, @ Tulsa, @ Hawaii, @ Bowling Green, Miami (OH).

Iowa's best 5 wins are @ #12 Penn State, @ Wisconsin, Michigan, @ Michigan State, #22 Arizona.

Nothing saying that Iowa is better but up until this point Iowa clearly has played a better schedule.

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    Agreed. Take out Oregon and Boise hasn't beat anyone in the top 60. That's why we need a playoff. As it is, Boise will get a BCS game, taking away a spot from a deserving team, and lose it by 3 touchdowns.

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    Some people dont like how iowa wins there games barely. Also boise state shouldn't be in the top 10 because they have a weak schedule except oregon.

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    Because Iowa gets no respect in the BCS! No one believes they are as good as they really are. Yes i will admit that there Def. is what has been winning there games. But after the MSU win. I dont think anyone can say that Stanzi isnt a good Quarterback. Handled that Last drive with true Leadership!

    Yes Iowa's Offensene needs some work. But Iowa's Def. Could shut anyone down in the Country and yes i do mean Flordia,bama,and Texas!

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