What should my book be about?

I'm writting a book and i'm kinda in writers block. So am asking for some ideas and if i like it i will put your name in credit! I want it to do with vampires not like twilight plz thank you :) and noo mean or stupid comments!

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    Vampires rock!


    Well, you can NOT do a vampire love story. The possibility of ever having a chance with that is impossible now - thanks to Stephenie Meyer xD Not saying I don't like the series...I love the series. :D

    Hmm...well, you have to create your own vampire. Try to avoid everything Stephenie Meyer did. Like, sure, vampires should be able to be strong! But the eyes changing colour with how hungry they are...? And the...'vegetarian' vampires? And the sparkling part, when in sunlight. Vampires are supposed to turn to dust in sunlight, aren't they?! I talk about the supernatural like they exist xD But who knows, really? Why would people talk about them if someone never actually saw one...unless someone was on drugs or alcohol :P

    So, first, create vampire characteristics. What happens in sunlight...? What happens at night? Full moons anything special?

    Write a list of all the characteristics, and think...*is it original?*

    When you're done of that, create your own vampire. Does he/she live alone? Or is there a clan? How does he/she feed? Carefully? Uncaring? Does this vampire..."feel" for others? Does he/she care about anyone? Or does it just wanna survive as a vampire? Does the vampire have any special talents? *Mind reading is taken, along with controlling moods, and future sight xD*

    So then you'd want to look at all the things about your vampire...and name him/her. Depending on how "old" the vampire is, you'd want to choose a name from that era. Hundred years ago, something old-fashioned. Here are a few suggestions on names...take if you would like.


    Female - Modern

    Callie - Melissa - Veronica - Danielle (Danny for short xD) - Telissa - Nisa - Juniper - Iva or Yva or Eva xD - Jordan - Alana - Cecile - Katya - Lindsay - Reyna (very good) ...

    Female - Past

    Anna - Abigail - Belinda - Cathy - Ella - Elaine or Elaina - Emma - Emily - Flora - Georgina (my middle name past on from a while ago) - Heather - Hilda - Linda - Lilly - Lila - Lillian - Leah - Louise/Louisa - Marla - Millie - Nora - Pamela (like from my story! Short - Pam) - Rose/Rose - Sally - Sara - Samantha ...

    Yeah, I know, lots of names...I'm sure you could pick a few out, even for other characters ;)

    Male - Modern (I had a list of female names, but now I'm thinking from my head, resulting in less of a selection...sowwy)

    Ethan (my story again :D) - Aaron - Alan - Mitchell - Easten - Sam - Daniel - Jackson - Mike - Dylan - Alex - Zach/Zack - Kyle - Jared - Dustin

    Male - Old Fashioned

    Tim/Timothy (very cool) - Tom - Charlie - George - William - Strat (from a book I just read o.o) - Fraser - Vlad (very evil-sounding :D) - Billy - Benjamin (cool!) - Eric (oooh!) - Gregory - Jack


    So, now that you can pick out a name, you can start thinking about the non-vampire characters. How will they wind together from the supernatural to the real world which we all know? Will it be accidental?

    Choose whose point of view this novel will be in. Choose how to format it. Choose what time setting this will be in...the future? Now? The past? And what city/country will it take place in? New York would be neat. Or some other huge city. Well, here...

    Okay. One - How will vampire and human meet?

    Two - What will happen between them? (Not romance...xD) Will he want to kill him/her? Will a friendship develop? Will the vampire STALK the person? (lol) ... Will the person...stalk the vampire?

    Three - What will the main problem be? Will they both have to work together to try and stop some other vampires? Will the person need to find help to stop the vampire that he/she met? Will anyone believe him/her?

    Four - How will it resolve? Will everyone in the world know about the supernatural, or will it all remain secret? Will the vampire and human part forever more?

    Five - The ending. Try and make it neat.

    I'm wondering whether or not you know how to properly quote things.

    Well, say that ... I'll choose the name Alan for this, and Alan just met...Callie.

    Callie just walked in on Alan who was hunting. He was looking out around the streets. She goes up to him.

    "Hello," she said.

    "Hi." Alan went back to staring intently at the passers-by.

    "What are you doing?" she asked.

    He hesitated. "None of your business," he answered finally.

    "Oh." She walked away. "What a jerk!" she exclaimed once she was down the street a ways.

    (I know that sucks, but it's just an example that I can use for you!)

    So, when someone asks a question..."What are you doing?" ... if you're going to say who asked it, don't put a capital letter! Like this... "What are you doing?" [she] asked. ~ But if it was like this... "What are you doing?" Callie asked. ~ You put a capital on her name! But again, if you're not saying who asked it... "What are you doing?" She waited for his answer. (Just added that xD) There is a capital letter because you're not saying who said it...I hope I m

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    Historical Fiction: Both Sides of Time sequence- Caroline B. Cooney (additionally romance) Bloody Jack sequence-L. A. Meyer (additionally journey) If I Should Die Before I Wake- Han Nolan The Great and Terrible Beauty sequence- Libba Bray (additionally fantasyish fiction) The Other Boleyn Girl- Philippa Gregory The Queen’s Fool- Philippa Gregory The Constant Princess- Philippa Gregory The Bolelyn Inheritance- Philippa Gregory The Book Thief- Markus Zusak Fantasyish Fiction Twilight sequence- Stephenie Meyer (additionally romance) The Mediator sequence- Meg Cabot (additionally romance) Avalon High- Meg Cabot (sorta) Uglies sequence-Scott Westerfeld Midnighters sequence- Scott Westerfeld Fiction: All American Girl- Meg Cabot Airhead- Meg Cabot The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things - Carolyn Mackler Fly at the Wall- E. Lockhart Megan Meade’s Guide to the McGowan Boys- Kate Brian Lucky T- Kate Brian The Five People You Meet in Heaven- Mitch Albom My Sister’s Keeper- Jodi Picoult Change of Heart- Jodi Picoult The Da Vinci Code- Dan Brown Romance: The Angels Trilogy- Lurlene Mcdaniel The Pact- Jodi Picoult The Notebook- Nicholas Sparks Mystery: Stranger With My Face- Lois Duncan Down A Dark Hall- Lois Duncan Locked in Time-Lois Duncan Any e-book by way of R.L Stine Non- Fiction A Child Called It- Dave Pelzer Who Killed My Daughter- Louis Duncan Diary of a Young Girl- Anne Frank

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    it should be about a girl and a guy. The boy is a vampire. The boy and girl have sex and the vampire disease is transmitted into the girl. The boy breaks up with the girl and he finds a new match. the girls is mad a t the boy and soon realizes that something is wrong with her. She keeps having weird dreams and having super strength. then one day, she sees her ex kissing the other girl and he bites her lip. then blood started soming out and the ex could control himself and he then bites he everywhere and she becomes a vampire! so then they break up and then the girl and the boy get back to getther. then he tells the girl about vampires an they are in love and then the the other girl who was bit is the enemy. you can decide what the other girl does but those are my ideas..... cite as Joi Anderson

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    Create characters- that always gets me going. Are they a good vampire or bad? How do you determine good or bad in a vampire?

    Theres an Japanese anime called ' Vampire Knight'. You should watch it because I thought it was a great way to show another side of a vampire... unlike twilight where the vampires are "good?"

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