Which districts in Malaysia would you recommend to rent a villa in for a year or two?

After living in Dubai for a number of years I like to relax for a while in a green and quiet environment for a while. I'm planning to apply for the MM2H visa and rent a villa/house and move there until it's time to start working again.

Since I'm not Bill Gates or the Sultan of Brunei I'd like to find something affordable but still nice - preferably close proximity to the ocean and not in a big city.

Any recommendations for districts and/or mumkins I should focus on? Tips on good websites with properties is also appreciated.

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    Well, not trying to sound bias as I am from Kota Kinabalu, but personally have a family friend from England who moved to Malaysia under MM2H and lived near Tuaran, 30km from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, and they are having a good time!!

    Their approach was get our family to help and find a piece of empty land, build a house to live in. But of course you can always find fully furnished houses/beach view condo to move in. E.g. Waikiki Condo at Tanjung Aru Beach, affordable price as it's 5 mins walk to beach.

    I also believe Kota Kinabalu perfectly suit what you're looking for - near to the ocean and lots of greenery surroundings. On good day, sky is always blue and clouds are white, although it does rain fairly frequently.

    Sorry don't have any sites to share at the moment but will update if I come across any....

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    I stayed here, and If I were you, I would stay at the Boardwalk Villas. Its great with mimes, clowns, and other entertainment at night as well as food venues and proximity to the parks. Besides you can hop the boat because epcot is in your backyard. We could see the epcot fireworks from our villa, it was very nice. The other option if you like a wilderness feel, the wilderness lodge have a log cabin like homes in the woods, very secluded and quiet. The only problem is you have to rent a golf cart to get around, or wait, and wait for the buses to pick you up for the parks. Id choose the Boardwalk.....!!

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    klebang besar,melaka. it's more like a suburb,but with condos and apartments nearby the sea (yes,it fits your description;but i dont think it's advisable to swim on the beach. but it's the perfect place for bbq and sight-seeing.they even got pony ride and the usual water activities there).

    it's about 15 minutes drive from the nearest tesco(sorry,that's the best landmark i could remember) and many singaporean and other foreigner owns property there(since singaporeans are well-known to be perfectionist, that does says omething for klebang).

    but if you're looking for something personal,you can try looking out for semi-ds there.my cousin lives in one,and it's a very safe neighbourhood and situated in a very secluded location(that they dont even need guards to patrol).most of people living there are either professional malaysian or foreigner.

    sorry,that's the best i can help you since im very absent-minded; i might have been there more than i could remember but details like name of the lane doesnt seem to catch my eyes.but hey,at least you can start googling or something. goodluck.

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    I would suggest Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. You will definitely be able to enjoy the green. Not to mention the other nature unspoilt attractions.



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