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mike richards suspended how long?

How long is Mike Richards of the Philadelphia Flyers suspended for after his hit on Florida Panther David Booth Oct 24th

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    If he gets suspended it will only be because he wears Orange and Black....scroll down and you will find a bunch of posts on this

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    that wasnt a clean hit, he aimed waaaay to high with his shoulder, i was watching the game so you cant tell me he didnt

    he had the oppurtunity to hit low but he chose to hit high instead and look what he did

    floridas shining star is now in the hospital :/

    btw: shock and awe, the only reason he would get away with it woulda been because hes wearing a cryers jesey

    although gregory campbell is a panther and from what i know booth and him are friends. maybe he will ask daddy to suspend richards for a long time?

    but they havnt said yet but i think 3-4 games for that hit

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    He shouldn't be suspended at all, it was a clean hit. Richards was coming across the ice and hit Booth while he was admiring his pass.

    "The fact that he leaped up to drive his shoulder into his jaw has nothing to do with it." <--- You are on drugs, he didn't leap up to drive his shoulder into his jaw, his feet were on the ice when he hit him, the collision cause his one leg to swing up AFTERWARD but that's normal.

    If someone dishes off the puck and gets hit .5 seconds later, guess what, that not a late hit, it happens every freaking game.

    I hate to say it but if Booth had just bounced up and kept playing it wouldn't have even been a penalty, but because he's hurt everyone's crying for a suspension, but we don't give suspension based on injury, we give them based on the play and the play was clean.

    If you think that's dirty then according to you every single hit in Scott Stevens' career was dirty, not so. It was a hard hit and and feel bad for Booth but there was nothing wrong with it, just because he got hurt does not a bad play make.

    Source(s): EDIT: "He did not jump. He did not elbow him. He did not hit him in a place where he wasn't expecting it. It was an area where you expect to get hit, both the player passing the puck and the player doing the hitting." -- Colin Campbell
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    It was the Lindros hit all over again, if the league doesn't suspend him these head shots will never stop something needs to be done.

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    He hasn't been suspended yet, but the league is looking at it.

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    Only because he wears black and orange? Yea ok. The fact that he leaped up to drive his shoulder into his jaw has nothing to do with it.

  • 0 games, per the league.

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    League hasn't announced anything yet.. at least I don't think so

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    boo hoo Shock and Awe...maybe if the Cryers would play hockey instead of trying to play dirty ........the NHL only picks on the Cryers because they are the Cruers......wait that is true....thugs of the NHL

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