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    He will draw a lot of attention on the wing because he is still a 20ppg scorer. He will open up the middle for Dwight Howard, who should have been working on his offensive moves all summer.

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    What's different from last year and this year, is the off-season moves, and amongst the biggest moves in the league was the Vince Carter trade to Orlando. He will bring more to the table than Hedo.

    Vince has been a proven all-star in the league.

    Closing out games.

    Providing leadership on and off the court.

    Being able to create plays for himself and others.

    Vince Carter might not be the only reason for the Magic to be in the NBA Finals again this year, but he will definitely be a big part of their success.

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    Is Vince the answer, maybe....maybe not. Only time will tell. The Magic will be a very good team with Vince because he is a superior player then Hedo. Overall the Magic are better then last year's finalist team with the offseason acquisitions. But this is a new year and other things to take into consideration is Shaq in Cleveland and a healthy Celtic team. Any of the top 3 Eastern teams can take it and are capable of beating the Lakers.

    Even at his age, Vince is still a very effective player.

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    Since when has Vince Carter been the answer to anyone? No, I don't even see the Magic getting back to the Eastern Conference final.

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    The Orlando Magic are definately extra advantageous with Vince incredibly then Hedo. one million. they are extra consistant and seem to have extra capability. 2. Vince brings extra of the desire to win after his years of grief w/o a championship. 3. Hedo has exchange into the 6th guy with the Toronto Raptors and not as stable as he replaced into besides.

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    The answer in terms of winning an NBA Championship this season? No.

    But he did improve them tremendously, he gave them another player who can flat out dominate a game, and a go to player in the 4th quater.

    Why do I feel Carter is not enough to win the ring? Simply because the Celtics and Lakers(Wallace and Artest) both gotten better. Not to mention the Magic beat a Garnettless boston team last year, so it's going to be tough. Carter is not enough, I think they will need atleast one more impact player to come off the bench for them. But if Jameer Nelson gets better and improves on his great season last year they could prove me wrong. But I doubt it. Lakers and Boston are just to deep for them especially if both of those teams stay healthy. I'm still not sold on Shaq and LeBron.

  • No disrespect to Magic fans here, just stating my opinon. But, I don't think so. I think he's still a good player but not the explosive Vince of young. Plus I think the biggest thing for Orlando is just that DH works on his post game. I know, I know...people love DH cause he can dunk really good and everything. I get it, hell I like DH too, but the truth is, is that he doesn't have a great post game. If he can incorporate a little jumper, or hook, etc. into his game would really help. Plus I think losing Hedo is bigger than people might like to admit. He made some huge-cold blooded shots in the playoffs last season.

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    According to Jamal Mashburn Carter will help the Magic get back to the Finals. He sees another Lakers vs. Magic Finals with the Lakers repeating. I can see that happening. Or if Shaq can stay healthy and the Celtics main guys can stay healthy I could see either the Cavs or Celtics going from the East. It will be interesting.

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    NO... but if they will a have another chance at the finals carter will play the bigest role in his life.... and that role is to play offense so that kobe or any scoring sg in the league to double there playing time both off and def... cause that hurt the magic last year kobe doesn't have to work defensively ^_^

    GO HEAT ^_^

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    vince can help team orlando. but with lewis in trouble, they need better backups.

    another trade is needed.

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