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Australias part in WW1?


What was australias part in the western front?

Like how did they help break the stalemate?

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    Australia played a major role in WWI. They would provide troops for the Western Front throughout the war, but they are best known for their service as part of the ANZACs in the Gallipolli campaign of 1915. The campaign was British lead, but the Australians bore the brunt of the fighting, and would go a long way to shape the Australian national identity, and the campaign is still remembered in Australia.

    To answer the second part of your question, the stalemate was never broken. The Western Front of WWI can be better compared to a medieval siege then an actual battle. Each side tried to outlast the other, and the country, or countries with the most men and supplies would likely be the winner. Australia provided the Allies with the raw manpower needed to outlast the Germans, who collapsed on November 11, 1918, despite still occupying large parts of France, most of Belgium, and all of Luxembourg.

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    They Fought Against The Amerasians,Brits,Belgium's,French People,Russians,Italians,Romain's,

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    status status - - - attractiveness as a international capacity albeit as portion of 'The Empire,' and economically the conflict replaced right into a advance for the livestock & sheep industry no longer basically for food yet for leather-based products. Arguably no conflict is nicely well worth the sacrifice yet assuming that conflict could have its residual reward i could say that international conflict One replaced right into a plus for Australia. Oh, and as in u.s., women persons made many valuable properties in the course of the conflict. And basically think of devoid of international conflict One there does not be those 2 hauntingly captivating songs, 'Waltzing Matilda,' and 'The Fields of Flanders.' Peace/////////////////////////...

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    Cannon fodder.

    Used like the willing puppies we used to be.

    We didn't break the stalemate, mate!

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    what exactly are you asking?

    we went to Gallipoli (i think thats how you spell it) and its only due to a british stuff up that we lost that battle, they got the beaches wrong!!!! zomg who could be so stupid? no offence any british peoples.

    please email me with specific questions

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    they were part of the british army and used as infantry and artillery men

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