Organelles present in animal cell but not in plant cell ?


Besides Centrioles.

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    Animals have centrioles and Plant cells do not. (Hold the spindle fibers that separate chromatids in cell division0

    Small vacuoles compared to large central vacuoles in plants


    A Cell Wall

    Chloroplasts and/or chromoplasts

    no centrioles

    Large central vacuoles

    Peroxisomes somewhat equivalent to lysosomes in animals


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    Vacuoles are present in a plant cell throughout their lifetime , but occur only in some animal cells temporarily at their initial stages . So , 1. Vacuoles No. 2 is Chloroplasts , the organelles which contain chlorophyll . They are present only in plant cells.

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    centrosome (centriole)-absent in most plant cells but present in most animal cells

    The centriole, located in the centrosome of an animal cell, is a barrel-shaped organelle made up of nine triplets of microtubules. Its function in the cell is to separate chromosomes during a cell division called mitosis. When mitosis occurs, the mother cell duplicates itself, then seperates into two new daughter cells. The mother cell no longer exsists after mitosis. Plant cells do not need centrioles to separate. The plant cells components for cell division are the centrosomes.

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    Plant have mitochondria as they also have cellular respiration. It is plants that have plastids including the chloroplast, as an additional organelle type. Plastids are organelles involved in manufacturing or storing carbohydrates.

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    Plants: Plastids, chloroplasts, cell wall, lysosomes may not be present and some have glyoxysomes.

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    The mitochondria is only present in the animal cell.

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    answer is centrioles

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      There are two main functions of centrioles that we will focus on. The main function of the centriole is to help with cell division in animal cells. The centrioles help in the formation of the spindle fibers that separate the chromosomes during cell division (mitosis).

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