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Agnostic and atheistttt?

Can someone informed in what each of these labels clearly mean explain to me what each are in terms of their belief or knowledge in a personal or nonpersonal god?

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    An agnostic wishes to hedge their bet. They don't wish to explain to believers that true knowledge requires acceptable information, observation, testing, and repeatability. Thus lacking these essential elements the agnostic wishes to acquiesce the question to a future time when that information might be more accessible to make an informed determination.

    Often the pivotal issue is definitions. A god defined as a rock, obviously can be shown to exist. A god defined as an ultracosmic being that can do anything and everything and loves his chosen people can be shown to be self contradictory in it's assertion and thus does not exist. The answer lies in the definition attributed.

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    Thomas Huxley, agnostic -

    "We are without knowledge concerning it"



    Jelise - If there was any "proof" then "belief" would not be necessary. It's a good thing some "cop outs" actually give thought and attempt to tackle Spiritual ideas instead of just sitting around expecting a completely irrational display of divine intervention.

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    Atheist- a person who does not believe in God/ a supreme being

    Agnostic- a person who believes that the existence of an ultimate cause, like God, is impossible to know or understand. in other words, they believe there is something out there, but it's unexplainable and that no one can really know if God exists.

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    Atheist dont believe in God because there is no proof, agnostics are a cop out.

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    Got God?

    Thiest says: Yes.

    Athiest says: No.

    Agnostic says: Maybe...

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    Agnostic - dont know what to believe in (they can be theist or atheist)

    Atheist- do not believe in any diety

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