what century were the knight of the round table from?

i neeeed to know what centuries the knights of the round table began and ended

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    Early 20th Century I believe. King Edward VII disbanded it shortly after his torrid affair with Guinevere became known.

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    As near as anyone can tell, Arthur lived in the 6th century. He was likely a Roman-Celtic warlord, or war chief of some sort. His main claim to fame was the use of horses, rather than foot soldiers.

    Knights and such come in much later in history - closer to the 13th century.

    The knights come from the story La Morte d'Arthur ("the Death of Arthur), by Sir Thomas Mallory, which written in 15th century, when there were still knights, although there were no longer merely hired mercenaries, but had gained some of the romance of chivalry.

    The actual round table is hanging in the Guildhall in Winchester. If I remember correctly, it dates to some time in the 1400's or so.

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    King Arthur is supposed to have lived in around the early 500s, at the time when the Romans had left Britian, and the Anglo-Saxons were beginning to conquer the country. There is no historical evidence for the existence of Arthur, the only British historian writing at the time, a monk called Gildas, does not mention Arthur at all.

    However, the stories about King Arthur and his knights that were written centuries later made them more like medieval knights, so although they are supposed to be set in a much earlier period, the stories are really more like the medival idea of knights.

    It is a bit difficult therefore to give them an actual historical setting, because they really belong more to the world of legend.

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    Much is legend but it is thought by some historical sources that King Arthur and his soldiers existed in the 5th or 6th century after the Romans had pulled out and the island drifted int chaos with the Saxon, Jute invasions etc.

    Unfortunately most movies show 15th and 16th century dress, architecture etc.


    Michael Kelly

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    We don't know for sure. They could be just folklore or from anytime between the fall of the Roman Empire to the Renaissance.

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    At school we were taught that they were the indigenous Celtic peoples (Welsh, Cornish, and Scots) fighting against the invading Anglo-Saxons from Germany.

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    There was more than one, but it's all a myth or legend, we are told.

    I think Mike Kelly has given the correct answer.

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    Unfortunately The tales of King Arthur are stories . . .

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    It has been lost over time and there are many who think that,King Aurthur is just a myth.

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