iTouch ap: Tap Studio for computer?

Anyone know a game similar to the iTouch ap: Tap Studio, where you can make your own music, except for the computer? Thanks!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    There is all kinds of stuff out there.

    There's Modplug tracker, Propellerheads Reason, FL Studio, etc.

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  • heuss
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    Ive overwhelmed the interest on ordinary some circumstances, so i assume that youre asking a thank you to triumph over it on the uncomplicated mode. To get previous point 30+, purchase the minimum towers achievable for stages a million-29, and spend all your halos on activity, no longer tower learn. I continuously purchase as much as twenty% activity, then Ice, then Magic, then 25%, and then typhoon. in case you desire to triumph over the interest purchase typhoon AND basically purchase IT when you have 25% activity. The final point is extremely no longer ordinary, and before you initiate it make certain you have 2-3 typhoon Towers on the beginning up close to the Hell Gate and function all of them max advancements. in case you dont have this, the prospect which you have got the means to triumph over the final point even on ordinary, is extremely unlikely. on the middle highway, line one element with 5-6 arrow towers, and the different element with 5-6 bomb towers, with a million ice tower on the beginning up and end of this highway. Dont learn Ice until youre at around point 20, use water for Firecats, etc interior the period in-between. once I beat the interest, I had approximately 5 ice towers spaced calmly around the map, 3 typhoon towers clustered around the hell gate, a max ice tower perfect next to the hell gate, and something have been the user-friendly towers. wish this helps. by using how, I often lose as much as 5 lives before point 30 via fact i exploit the minimum tower protection, besides the shown fact that all of it will pay off so do no longer subject.

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