Yaoi manga suggestions?

I'm looking for a new yaoi manga to start reading and wondered if anyone had any good suggestions. I like hard yaoi and i prefer the ukes to be cute and slightly feminen, although it's fine if there not. I love twincest and shota's fine to. Thanks in advance^^

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    there are a lot...i know a few artist you have to read!! ^_^

    i've read everything of these:

    they're all kinda hard-yaoi

    - ayano yamane (adore her)

    - masara minase

    - suzuki tsuta

    - yoneda kou

    - kyuugou

    - fujiyama hyouta

    - naona bohra

    - sakura sakuya

    - miyamoto kano

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    I'm not sure if you're looking for story, or just the *ahem* interesting part of yaoi, so I'll just list my *cough* favorites. Love Stage!! Sex Therapist Akiyama-Kun and Kimi Note (and every other yaoi by Junko) If you're looking for something hardcore, try Love Prism.

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    Theres many oneshots for hardcore.

    They are sometimes posted in the yaoi section in 4chan.

    BUT! BEWARE of the place! It's a horrible place.

    Theres also a shonen-ai manga called Boys next Door if you like.

    It's actually REEAALLY good, and the title has NOTHING to do with it.

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    -Bi no Isu

    -Bitter Sweet Cafe

    -Cafe Latte Rhapsody

    -Boku wa Kimi no Tori ni Naritai

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    I only watch Yaoi anime.


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    What did you say?! Like hard yaoi?? Are you a hundred per cent maniacal?? Why would you like hard yaoi in the first place?

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