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How many moms have gotten the H1N1 vaccine for themselves/their children?

was wondering,despite my adamance in NOT getting the H1N1 shot for my kids,how many parents have? I'm going to say now-I'm caving,because we had to take my daughter (who's six and in first grade) to the ER Thursday because she had "flu like symptoms" (Called the nurseline,they told me to bring her in) and a fever. She's six. Luckily,she got checked out and has strep thraot and NOT swine flu,but I'd like to avoid that,and it's a LOT worse than I thought it was going to get (how many people are getting it/have it) So I'm calling Monday to see about the vaccine for her,myself,and my husband. All because we have a 12 week old little boy,and the chances he's more high risk for it,and could die easier from it. Does this make sense to anyone? Has anyone gotten the vaccines for themselves/kids,and what all effects have/are you seeing? I'm just curious,before I go jumping into something like this. I was just wondering,because we think we are all 3 going to get it now. It's strange how one little event can make you jump so quickly to do something you were adamant about NOT doing.

Before someone says anything,it's made like all vaccinations-EVERY VACCINATION MADE has a mostly dead strain of the virus in it. Research it. I say this b/c I've asked this in a few sections,because it's something I'm really wondering. I know that it's made like all vaccines,with a mostly dead strain of a virus. I know the risk of both. It's a damned if you do and damned if you don't situation as a parent. They are running short on tamiflu (the treatment for swine flu) in a lot of areas,which is what's making me think of doing it this way.

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    I think you are better off getting the vaccine, especially with a new baby. The risk of fatality from complications are so much greater if he gets swine flu. It is highly contagious. By protecting yourselves, you are also protecting him. You are also right that it is made so similar to the regular flu vaccine that you risks of side effects are still low, but without the vaccine, your risk of contracting swine flu and passing it on to your baby are very high.

  • WASH your hands wash your hands wash your hands its the number one preventive for the swine flu vaccine. It is too new for them to know the effects it will have on a baby . there is no way I would get it being thirty four weeks pregnant and no way i will let my kids have it. I have a friend that has triplets and they are in the high risk category and they got the swine flu and all they did for them was give them cough syrup and told them to give them tylenol and a few days later they were fine there is too much hype about it and if you wash your hands and cover your mouth when you cough you can prevent the spread of it

    Source(s): a nurse then a mom to emily,zoe and soon to be calvin due in nov
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    im currently pregnant with my 4th baby and my dr strongly advised against it. My niece is 6 months old and she just recently got the swine flu, they gave her a cough medicine to keep stuff from settling in her chest, and after about 5 days she is better.

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    no way no how. I am not getting it for my kids. Its new and I dont trust it!

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