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How can an atheist absolutely oppose an evil moral view?

From an atheistic point of view is there such a thing as an evil moral view? Can an atheist absolutely oppose a Nazi morality for instance? Or, would they have to admit that Nazi morality is only relatively evil?

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    There is no such thing as atheist morality. There are moral atheists and immoral ones - the fact they are atheists does not provide a common morality. IE, atheism is not like religion.

    In relation to this atheist, I use my empathy (among other things) to arrive at a rational conclusion as to whether action or ommission should be carried out. That is, I consider how my actions will affect others in the stoic tradition.

    PS: Humans have evolved to act in this way for the betterment of the species as a whole.

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    There are no absolutes. But from the viewpoint of any rational ethical philosophy, nazism contained (and contains) within it certain things that can only be termed immoral (or evil, if you prefer that word).

    But yes, I fully admit that morality is a human concept (or at least a concept only relevant to certain social animals, and only within their own species or those closely related). There is no cosmic absolute morality. Anyone who does not admit this is simply wrong, in my opinion.

    Why would there need to be a cosmic absolute morality? A simple rational moral system is quite functional without some supernatural lawgiver to lay down the rules. And the feeble attempts made by bronze and iron age religious cults have been horrid anyway, so why should we pay attention to them?

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    I am an atheist, but only in the regard that I don’t believe in the Christian God. I do however believe in Good. Evil as a concept only exists when one mind encounters or interacts with another. If you didn’t have a corporal body and existed purely as a nonphysical intellect you could imagine yourself slaughtering billions and committing the most horrendous acts against others and the only harm you would be doing is to yourself.

    The thought of existence as a non corporal intellect probably frightens most people but that is more than likely our natural state. What we call the “physical world” is only an illusion created by the coalescence of our combined perception. In other words, we are temporarily “sharing” reality, until the connection is broken by the termination of our physical bodies.

    The greatest irony of all is that the only thing holding this illusion together is the belief that nothing else exists. Once the beings in this reality become aware that there are other options and other planes of existence this “amusement park” we call reality will lose all its customers, LOL!

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    As an atheist I don't believe in evil at all. People are just people judgment is passed by the people in power. If the Nazi's won the war the history books would be very different and a lot more people would be dead and it would be a good thing.

    Right and wrong is decided by the person, laws and morality are set by the majority in power. Fortunately for me I currently agree with most of the majorities morality.

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    Morality is not good or evil it is about what one should do or should not do to get along in society. Hitler was morally reprehensible and it is never ok to kill millions of people like Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot, did in the previous century. But using this Logic The crusaders killed many people invading Palestine, The Inquisition was not much better these things could very possibly be considered "evil" but they are most defiantly not morally right

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    From the point of view of those who had power in the nazi regime everything they did was perfectly logical and necessary to achieve their goals of world domination. As with the atheist, logic rules and justifies what would have previously been considered evil. For them the end justify the means and there is no true evil or good.

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    Actually I figured out evil is relative before I become an atheist and that lead to my further questioning of my faith's tenets. That aside I establish morality through the principle of mutual personal freedom. The more something you do limits or destroys anther's personal freedom the worse it is. You steal something from someone, you are violating their right to honestly own property, you order genocide, you are violating a nation's right to life. So I can absolutely oppose action like that of genocidal empire builders. My morals come from myself and a desire to see humanity do well in its existence which trickles down to the individual doing well.

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    own judgements means that there will be many stuff that individuals see as an "evil ethical view" Relative evil continues to be evil, of path stable and evil are basically opinion. This atheist certainly opposes Nazi morality. Christians do no longer, they won't. the two Hitler and God used eugenics, one by using gasoline chamber the different by using world flood.

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    Moral is a word that is loosely thrown around. When some group doesn't like another group's stance they say that the group has no morals.

    Why is it that the extermination of the Native Americans is considered moral by the Christians? Just because the Native Americans weren't Christians?

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    Good and evil is always subjective, even to christians. Would you say the witch burning in salem was good or evil? At the time they thought it was good, we now think it evil.

    People doing "evil" acts may either acknowledge them as either good or evil.

    I think hitlers actions incredibly wrong but is saying he is evil just as excuse? I think the action evil yes. Also people today perpetrate "evil" as well, . Many christians in fact will stand in church preaching about love and tolerance and go home and abuse their children. That is "evil" too.

    Morality and good and evil has nothing to do with any belief in God and is subject to peoples views and the culture.

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