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Favorite songs produced by?


9th Wonder

MF Doom

Fizzy Womack

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    Rza-"The night the earth cried"

    9th Wonder-"Milk Lowa"

    Mf Doom-I've been listening to this all day.

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    Fizzy Womack-"Cold as Ice"

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    1 decade ago

    Ice Cream


    Orange Blossoms

    The Other Side

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    1 decade ago



    Deep Fried Frenz

    Dead & Gone

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    4 years ago

    think of of--this is seen as Lennon's "mainstream" sequel to the harsh Plastic Ono Band (wherein Spector proved he could knock down his wall of sound as efficiently as he set it up). yet this album is the two approachable and uncompromising. valuable this is have been given candy stuff like "think of of" and "Jealous guy", even inspite of the undeniable fact this is likewise have been given super emotional stuff like "Crippled indoors" and "Gimme some actuality." Spector style is gentle and stressful, based on the music. It demonstrates the solo Lennon at his suitable.

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