rate these names? (boys & girls)?

rate these names 1-10 and tell WHY! thanks very much :)






















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    lenalee- 3/5 Lenalee is a character from a Japanese manga, so I think of her everytime I hear the name. Its too long and I just dont like it. Lena is cute on its own.

    harley- 5/5 Cute name for a girl, if its spelled Harlie.

    avery- 1/5 BOY NAME!

    leila- 7/10 Cute, I like it. Leila Rose is my nieces name.

    halaylay- 1/10 This sounds extremley ghetto and made up.

    amethyst- 1/10 Sounds too 'dark' and 'goth'.

    addilyn- 1/10 I prefer Addison. Addilyn is just too weird and doesnt sound right.

    remi- 1/10 Remi is a boy name. Remille or Remyn are cuter.

    piper- 5/10 I like this one.

    reyane- 1/10 Sounds ghetto. Reagan is cuter.


    monty- 1/10 Monty Python and the Holy Grail, anyone?

    leif- 1/10 Too weird!

    gage- 3/10 I prefer Gabe. Gage reminds me of those nasty giant holes people put in ther ears.

    dalton- 3/10 Sounds hillbillyish. I knew a Dalton in school. He got made fun of a lot.

    hoon- 1/10 Shannon Hoon? Go with Shannon. Sounds too much like moon.

    eaton- 5/10 Kind of like this. Its unique without being weird.

    phoenix- 1/10 Not even cute as a girl name

    ezekiel- 5/10 With the nickname Zeke, its cute.

    justis- 1/10 Dont like it. I prefer it spelled Justice, and on a girl.

    Sorry if I seem harsh, but those were just awful!

    I see you have Noelle, Alanis, Ellie, Shane and Kiera. I think that Piper and Shannon or Eaton sounds best paired with their names.

    Congrats and good luck. :)

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    lenalee- 9-/10 its pretty cute

    harley- 7/10 cute

    avery- 6/10 cute but reminds me of charlottes web

    leila- 9/10 layla sounds cuter

    halaylay- 0/10 OH NO..how did you think of that??

    amethyst- 8/10 nice

    addilyn- 5/10 okay

    remi- 2/10 nah

    piper- 7/10 cute

    reyane- 7/10 pretty name. should be changed to rianne


    monty- 0/10 oh god no

    leif- 0/10 weird

    gage- 1/10 noo weird

    dalton- 7/10 nice and masculine

    hoon- 0/10 ew...sounds totally weird

    eaton- 0/10 nooo

    phoenix- 1/10 nah not a good name for anyone

    ezekiel- 0/10 it will make his classmates and friends laugh

    justis- 4/10 justin is better

    sorry i didnt like most of your boy names.

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    Lenalee- 1. it should just be Lena

    Harley- 2. cute but not cutting it

    Avery- 8. adorable

    Leila- 10 adorable

    Halaylay- 0 typo?

    Amethyst- 3 not really that cute

    Addilyn-9 cute

    Remi- 7 nickname cute. really name bad

    Piper- 10 cute always loved this name

    Reyane- 4 its okay


    Monty- 1 terrible

    Leif- 1 Leif Erikson? why not just name him that

    Gage- 4- its cute but not my taste

    Dalton- 10 so cute

    Hoon- 0 ?????

    Eaton- 2 looks like Eat me., Ethan is better

    Phoenix- 4 i see this more as a girls name

    Ezekiel- 7 its cute

    Justis- 4 girls name

    favorites Dalton and Leila and Piper

    Source(s): me myself and i
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    leanalee = 3 idk it just doesn't seem like a nice name.

    harley = 1 seems more like a girl name to me.

    avery = 8 a little old fashioned but its still a nice name.

    leila = 9 this is a Beautiful name and will become a Beautiful girl.

    haylaylay= 1 i hope you were thinking off hayley

    amethyst =1 sounds like a birthstone

    addilyn= 9 thats a pretty name she could have two nice names addi or lyn

    remi = 2 try something like remilyn instead of just remi

    piper = 1 seems like a name that would get her made fun of

    reyane =1 no offense but sounds like an old lady name

    monty = 1 sounds like a busness mans name

    leif = 1 sounds like the viking name

    gage= 2 try something like gabe

    dalton= 4 an okay name

    hoon= 2 never heard of it but he might get made fun of for it

    eaton=2 say the name it sounds like eaten

    phenix=5 its ok

    ezekiel = 2 wtf it that

    justis = 9 justice is a nice name

    my favorite names for a girl would be lala lilly chantel

    and a boy would be jake or jason

    hope i helped

    did i help?

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  • GIRL

    lenalee-6.....to long and out of date

    harley-10...amazing name i love it

    avery-7.. ok but not amazing


    halaylay-3..no comment



    remi-9..sounds cool


    reyane- 5..to haard to understand


    monty-4..sounds like monty python and holy grail

    leif-9..sounds cool

    gage-8..its ok

    dalton-10....i love that name

    hoon-2...sounds like a bird

    eaton-1.... eathon wanna be

    phoenix-5...that is a ride at busch gardens

    ezekiel-7.not to bad


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    lenalee 2/10dont like it

    harley 1/10 thats not a girls name and it remind me of motocucles

    avery 2/10 it sounds like a food seasioning

    leila 8/10 it pretty

    halaylay i dont like it 2/10 how about haley

    amethyst 1/10 i sounds like a religion

    addilyn 3/10

    remi 2/10 it sounds like a name for a rat

    piper dont like it 1/10

    reyane eww 1/10


    monty haah like the guy from the simpsons 2/10

    leif 1/10 do you want your child being made fun of

    gage noooo 1/10

    dalton 2/10

    hoon ew 1/10

    eaton 1/10 it sounds like eat on

    phoenix wow 2/10

    ezekiel weird 1/10

    justis 4/10

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    lenalee- 8 I like it, very cute

    harley- 3 I don't really like it that much

    avery- 6 ok name

    leila- 4 I don't like it

    halaylay- 2 never heard of this name before

    amethyst- 2 don't like it

    addilyn- 3 don't like it

    remi- 3don't like it

    piper- 1don't like it at all

    reyane- 3 never heard of this name


    monty- 3 never hear of it

    leif- 1 don't like it at all

    gage- 2 don't like it

    dalton- 7 cute name

    hoon- 1 don't like it

    eaton- 4 don't like it

    phoenix- 1 don't like it

    ezekiel- 3 don't like it, to biblical

    justis- 2 never heard of it

    I like Lenalee and Dalton the most.

    Good Luck with your baby! Take care!

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    lenalee-1-dont like.

    harley-5-its ok.



    halaylay-1-dont like.

    amethyst-1-dont like


    remi-5-its ok


    reyane-5-its ok


    monty-1-dont like

    leif-1-dont like

    gage-5-its ok

    dalton-5-its ok

    hoon-1-dont like

    eaton-1-dont like


    ezekiel-5-its ok

    justis-5-its ok. spell it Justice.

    Favorites are Addilyn & Phoenix.

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    lenalee- 3 Too long, in my opinion.

    harley-5 sounds like a guy's name.

    avery- 6 not bad, still too masculine.

    leila- <3 :) Love it. My name is Leila. Obviously a 10.

    halaylay- ? 0. Weird and long.

    amethyst- 4- Too gemmy.

    addilyn- 6 Not bad. Kinda masculine.

    remi- 5 Boyish.

    piper-5 boyish.

    reyane- 4 idk i just dont like it.


    monty- 5 too australian kangaroo trainer.

    leif 5- weird.

    gage- 5 sounds like a last name.

    dalton7- i like this one.

    hoon- 3 - rac-hoon.

    eaton 4- weird.

    phoenix 6- okay.

    ezekiel- 1- WEIRD

    justis3- weird. girly.

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    Wow, sorry, but those are all terrible. Are you trying to make their names exotic or something? Addilyn? Lenalee? Phoenix? Imagine calling that kid down to breakfast. Hey, Phoenix, breakfast time!

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