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What is "My Sister's Keeper" about, and should a 12 year old girl read it?

My daughter is 12 years old, 7th grade, she's very mature but I don't know what it's about and she would like to read it. She's on a very advanced reading level for her age, and she's in an advanced language arts class. Would it be suitable for her to read? And can I have like a little summary of the book?

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    This book i actually read about two weeks ago. It is a fantastic book.

    It talks about a young teenager, who has a sister with leukemia. Because she knows that her parents genetically designed her to have the same blood type as her sister, she feels the only reason her parents love her is because she helps to save her eldest sister. So she sues her parents for medical emancipation, or to have her rights to own her own body. The book continues to describe not only her life, but her parents, brother and sister, her lawyer, her guardian ad litem, and etc.

    The book will contain many innapropriate words, some very gory parts (mostly about blood because of the sister's leukemia) and some sexual content. Other than that, it uses many mature and even some high school level words which can develop you daughter's vocabulary.

    This book is really funny, romantic, and shows that one person can make a difference.

    hope this helps!!!!

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    yes, i read the book when i was 12 it was a inspiring and moving book, and you say she is mature so she should be Good! its about a family who their daughter has leukemia and is dying so they decided to have another baby so that she can have all the same matches as her sister (blood type,bone marrow...) so even though the parents love this child she feels like she is only being used to medical use for her parents even thought try to convince her other wise, so she decoded to get a emancipation (basically like a divorce from her parents) and it goes along with the troubles the whole family goes through, and every chapter if from a different perspective like from the mothers.fathers. there other son, and there daughters it a very good book, its actually one of my favorites im 16 and reading it again your daughter will love it

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    Your Daughter's keeper is about a girl trying help her friend out and yes a 12 year year old should read it

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    Be ready to talk to her about the book. It's fabulous. I read it in like 5 hours this summer while camping. I'm 30 btw...

    My neice is 11 and she's reading it now.

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    I'm not doing your homework

    go read the book

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    Let her read it. NO you wont have to answer any qeustions.

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    the younger sister dies in a car crash.

  • it cuses talks, about sex,i didnt like it but i love the movie

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