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Why does the mention of dogs (or animals in general) often cause people to lose rational thinking?

I was on another forum earlier this week, the subject was unwanted pets in shelters. I couldn't believe how many responses there were such as "ban all breeding", "make a government program requiring all pets to be microchipped", all these things if the people spouting them stopped for 10 seconds and thought the process though, wouldn't help the situation at hand. Many of the suggestions, in my opinion, would like just help the irresponsible people and hurt the responsible ones.

For many people, it seems like the idea that dogs are legally property invokes a negative response. But the alternative is that you don't own your pet.

Or people complaining about the way some animals are killed or euthanized, methods that are humane but people seem a bit squeamish, people freak out. Just a few minutes ago, there was a post about captive bolt guns. I grew up on a farm and there were a couple times when an animal got injured to the point you knew there's no way it would live, it got shot. Yes, it seems "violent", and I don't know if I could do it myself, but the 2 possible situations were to put it out of it's misery now or let it suffer for another 30 minutes while we drive to the vet to be put down.

(Reminds me of this video I watched of Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs talking about castrating lambs, about how he thought was horrible and cruel actually wasn't:

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Or those that complain about hunting because it's "killing animals". Have they watched any nature shows and seen Zebras being ripped apart and eaten alive by lions? I'd much rather be a deer killed by a gun than a zebra killed by lions.

I know people love animals and love their pets, but why does it seem that rationality often goes out the window and the viewpoints are 100% emotional?

I'm not saying no emotion should be involved with our pets. And yes, I'm probably guilty to some extent myself of letting my heart rule my mind with my pets, but I do try to remember to step back and look at the big picture.


I'm not saying everybody does this (I was running out of available letters on the title of the question, so I apologize I couldn't put a bunch of clauses in there), but I do see it a lot. Some are kids, some are adults.

Update 2:

"Ok, so where is the question? "

>The question is right there at the top: "Why does the mention of dogs (or animals in general) often cause people to lose rational thinking?"

> The rest of the post is "additional details". Supporting information and examples to further clarify the question.

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  • Chetco
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    As a senior, I see so many changes in the human~animal relationship over the past 40 years. Some of it is encouraging, and much of it is frightening.

    I believe we have PETA to blame. They are an AR propaganda machine of great success. They do absolutely nothing FOR animals, but produce propaganda, with just enough truth to make them seem valid. Their crap is aimed at the young person, and is skillfully created.

    Their messages evoke high emotion, and hence the unreasonable emotional responses we see here everyday. All that they really are, is a money-making scam, yet they keep sucking people in.

    I am all for a kinder and gentler world, in which animals are treated with respect, but without humans becoming the bottom of the totem, and the animal being worshiped.

    I guess the ones that bother me the most, are the ones who will put an untrained vicious dog above the safety of their own children. .Pretty scary! When I tell them to have the dog humanely euthanized to keep their children safe, I get hate mail.

    PETA is trying to tell the children that it is bad to eat Sea Kittens..!!!!

    There is a video on their site that portrays the fish in a human-type family, and suffering when their loved ones are taken by the big bad fisherman. Cruel to eat fish?

    Don't be surprised when humanizing fish is the common way of thinking.

    Each year, Virginia says they are revoking the non-profit status of PETA..I wish they would stop talking and start acting.

    Do you want a good laugh..(or cry) check out PETA's Sally the Sea Kitten:

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  • 1 decade ago

    The same reason why the mere mention of pets as household family

    members produce a barrage of negative comments from pet haters.

    (okay maybe that last word is bit strong). It is widely understood that most people think with their feelings rather than their heads. Most comments are opinion based instead of fact based. Animals, in the context of your question, is more toward opinions rather than data from a study or two. People understand that animals, untamed, kill to live and the violence is understood. Animals that are tamed,i.e.pets, are to be protected and not hurt or killed unless it is the humane thing to do. I tend to get emotional when I see or read about cruelty to animals. And I have been known to become a tad irrational but I just contribute this to being a caring human and an animal lover.

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    1 decade ago

    I am overly empathetic towards animals and relate too closely to their suffering and actually project human emotions onto them. I am not a vegetarian but I believe that all animals should be treated in a humane manner whether they are pets or bound for slaughter.

    Make a law! Make a law! shouted the ignorant people. In their world it's black and white. People don't breed their pets so no cute fluffy kittens are dropped into shelters. In the black and white world the ban applies to everyone, not just the people who obey the law.

    Maybe it's some twisted faith in humanity that let people ignore that there are people who follow the law and those that don't.

    Who knows.

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  • 1 decade ago

    What a great Question! I find some to get down right mean. They think there way is the only way when there are really many answers.

    Compassion for others some times seem to be lacking.

    The world would be a better place with some caring thoughts added to their answer.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think you're making some huge generalizations here. Yes, some people respond like that, but most don't. And of course it depends on your cultural context and what kind of experience you have with certain situations - it is easy for people to have 100% emotional viewpoints when they lack any firsthand knowledge of the subject. But there are still plenty of people who don't respond like that, not just on YA but also in the "real world."

    You also need to understand that a lot of the users on here are kids somewhere in the 10-14 years old range, an age when opinions are plentiful, fact-checking is scarce and most everything exists in stark tones of "good" and "bad." They hear certain things from TV or their parents or wherever and just run with them because they haven't yet learned to be critical thinkers. Hopefully being here and reading other people's take on a particular subject will introduce them to some new ways of thinking and push them to re-evaluate their black & white take on the world.

    **Added** Think about a person of average intelligence - then remember that approximately 50% of the population is stupider than that. Hopefully that should give you some context :-P

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  • Jeanne
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    1 decade ago

    Since I first saw the documentary on shelter dogs being trained by prisoners....I cannot believe it is not enlarged upon instead of fading away. We should DEMAND it. They are trained to help the handicapped. They are of GREAT value when properly trained. WHY.....WHY isn't it being done on a larger scale. And WHY do people think PETA is so great?? They are a scam. They should be run out of town. ALL towns. Let's push for the prison trained shelter could save 100s of good dogs.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have to agree with you. We have anthropomorphized animals and see them as little people in fur coats, probably because more and more of us are very ignorant about animals as animals. Because they are "little people" to many humans, then we treat them like they're babies or worse-- toys-- dressing them up, carrying them in handbags, pushing them in strollers.

    People like that do relate to animals on a completely emotional and irrational basis. We're distanced from the food we eat-- meat is never anything before it was shrink wrapped and on the shelf. We watch Disney movies that show dogs standing on hind legs and talking. It's always been like that, but because so many people now live in the suburbs and cities, we really don't know much about animals at all.

    And, frankly, I think that animals and churches attract the best and the worst in people....

    It seems to me that if we really truly love animals, we love them for what they are. To love something because we've recreated it in our own image seems very childish to me.

    Don't waste your time on the crazies. They'll always be there, and they have serious problems.

    Source(s): in sheltering for years
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    "You can't fix stupid".


    Critical reasoning skills were never taught to most people under the age of 40. You cannot expect someone who was not taught how to think how to theorize and then how to process information. All they know is what their own narrow mind can come up with.

    My daughter's best friend lives on a ranch - she's 21 years old and is upset because she was chewed out by the rancher (who wasn't home at the time) for NOT shooting a horse who had broken its spine - instead she waited for hours for the vet to come out and euthanize it. The fear and confusion that that poor horse had to go through because of her squeamishness AND her belief that it would be kinder not to shoot it pissed off a number of people in the area and may cause her reprecussions down the road when she is setting up a boarding business.

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  • 1 decade ago

    some people are just lonely and dogs are there way of filling the hole in their life

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  • 1 decade ago

    Those people don't lose their ability to think rationally - they never had the ability in the first place!

    Remember, you can't fix stupid.

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