Plastic on the heating element!?

I just bought a vapor brothers vaporizer. And it worked quite well I'm happy with it. The problem is that when I opened it today there was some plastic (from the plastic bubble sheet) that melted into the heating element. Is there anyway to remove all of it? I scraped it off with my fingers but i want to make sure most is gone

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  • 1 decade ago
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    use a knift, or a razorblade.

    once u get it as far as you can off of the element, turn it on and smell

    if u detect any plastic, let it cool and begin using fingernail polish to slowly dissolve the remaining plastic

    do this outside of course, no reason to stink up the house with burnt plastic and acetone

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Bubble sheet is polyethylene. It will not dissolve in any safe common solvents. Don't waste your time trying. Use a razor blade to remove most. You may want to try chilling it (freezer or outside) since the elements will shrink at different rate than plastic which may help unstick parts. Similarily, heating to soften plastic might help too but is more of a problem since it can burn you and can ooze down into the heater and cause more problems. Be careful. Do not work on it while electricity is on. (unplug). Heating elements are usually pretty fragile so work carefully.

    Maybe use tweezers (I'm guessing what unit looks like).

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