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position and movement

In a 100m race, a runner accelerates from rest at 3.3ms^-2 and reaches a

miximum velocity of 10ms^-1. She then maintains this velocity for the rest of the

race. What is her finishing time?



ans is 13.5m

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    Time needed for reaching the MAXIMUM velocity :

    u=0, v=10ms^-1, a=3.3ms^-2,

    By v=u+at,10=0+3.3t

    t=10/3.3 s

    distance of the runner's velocity change from 0 to 10ms^-1 :

    By v^2-u^2=2aS, 10^2-0=2(3.3)S

    S=100/6.6 m

    as the maitain the velocity when she reach a maximum velocity

    so, the rest of the time =(100-100/6.6) /10 s



    Finishing time=10/3.3+8.48

    ~11.51 s

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    From t = 0 to t = 10/3.3 = 3.03 s, the displacement is:

    s = 0 + 3.3 x 3.032/2 = 15.2 m

    Then for the remaining 84.8 m, she needs 8.48 s to finish.

    Thus total time needed = 8.48 + 3.03 = 11.51 s

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