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第一次上point要do D 乜?~ballet

第一次上point要do D 乜? ~ballet

Tell me about more about point shoes~please!

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    1 decade ago
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    You will do Rises! Lots of Rises in First Position.

    Then you will start doing Rises in other Positions such as 2nd Postion.

    Then you will do Relves! Lots of Relves in First, 2nd and then Fifth.

    Then you will learn Echappe Relves!

    Then you will learn Corru! These are Basic Pointe Works for Beginners!

    Pointe Shoes have different Brands, Shapes, Hardness of Shanks and Boxes.

    You must go do professional fitting especially you're a beginner.

    Pointe Shoes should be tight/ snug fitted!!!

    Cannot be too loose or too wide.

    You can wear ocuh pouch, toe pads or using lamb wool for padding.

    Remember to let your shoes DRY through after dancing!!

    Otherwise the shoes will be DEAD fast!!

    Source(s): Me- RAD Advanced II
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  • 1 decade ago
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