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很多家長希望小孩能夠能贏在起跑點。希望小孩子能夠成為他們的縮影。所以小孩從小就要開始補習像是,學語言、學才藝。可是這樣真的對小孩是好的嗎? 我個人認為學齡前小孩子不應該去補習。因為我們根本就不知道自己的孩子喜歡什麼或者對什麼有興趣,又讓他們在小時候在很多的壓力下成長,我認為這樣會對學習產生反效果的現象。雖然家長的本意是好的,希望他們能夠從小就能夠習得技能,能夠對他們的未來學習可以有很大的幫助。可是很多時候家長會忽略小孩子的真正的感受,在小孩還沒有足夠的能力去選擇他們所要的時候,一直施加壓力給他們去學習,這樣對於學習的效果也會大打折扣。小孩子也會因為壓力太大,而對學習失去興趣。





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    Many parents hope that their children be able to win at the starting line. Want children to be their epitome. Therefore, small children like to begin tutoring, learning language, learning talent. However, this really is good for children? I personally think that pre-school children should not go to tuition. Because we do not know what their children liked or what are interested in letting their child grow up in a lot of pressure, I think it would be counter-productive to study the phenomenon. While the parent's intention is good, hope that they can be learned from an early age the skills can have on their future learning can be a great help. However, parents often ignore the child's true feelings, the child still does not have enough ability to choose when they want has always been pressure for them to learn, so the effect will be greatly reduced for the study. Children will be because of too much pressure, but lost interest in learning.

    If so, do the parents than the child to grow and develop, a lot to spend time with them, give them

    There is no pressure as well as pleasant memories of childhood. At least so they go to elementary school stage, have the ability to understand

    Of their own preferences, where, when, in allowing them to cram schools to learn the subjects they are interested in, so that they can very happy learning, effectiveness will be high on their subsequent development will be better.


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