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My bestest friend just died in a car wreck, what should I do, im so depressed...?

We had been friends since pre-school. Now i dont even want to touch the car keys or ride in a car, AGAIN.

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    i am so very sorry

    my friend had cancer and died 3 yrs ago i miss her i know how it

    feels i was always sad and angry i was always crying i always

    remember her and i wont forget her its ok she is goin to heaven now

    she will be in a better place now with god.....=;(

    and my other friend in first grade she died in a car crash

    her mom was sad so was i i lost 2 friends in my life

    and i remember them they are my best friends but they are in a better

    place called heaven.....R.I.P ashley and carmen....my 2 best friends

    its ok i am so sorry bout what happened i know how it feels

    i have been thru it and i know how u feel R.I.P....=;(

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    I'm sorry about your friend, it's tough when someone close to us dies or is even injured. Personally I think people deal with loss differently, and it affects some more than others. I do not know what had happened, but I have had a few friends die in car crashes.. none are pretty, and all make you think of how fragile life is, but it's also short, too short to worry about death. What you need to do is remember them for all the good times you had, and if you believe in a 'god' (I use 'god' cause every religion worships differently) then they are in a better place. If you do not believe in 'god' then they are simply relieved of the burden of life. (i seriously hope that don't seem unemotional there) As for being afraid to get in a car again, it's this, you are afraid of dieing yourself, it's only natural, but death is an inevitability that noone can change, whether or not you believe in destiny or a higher power controlling your life, you will die at a certain time. Don't be afraid of it, embrace it, live your life. What I mean is, if your friend was in heaven looking down on you, seeing you sad, don't you think that it would also make them sad knowing that ultimately they caused you to be sad while they got to shangri la? I know my views on death greatly differ from many in my own life, but everyone I know that has died I always remember the times we had, always think of them, always know that if there is a 'god' you'll meet up with them when the time is right. I hope this puts your mind at ease, and I'd like to send out a RIP to your friend. ~Sometimes things happen that we can never understand~

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    Ashley, I'm so sorry for your great loss. This is heartbreaking and you need to have help to process your grief.

    Please see a school counselor as soon as possible. If you're not in school find a therapist that specializes in grief counselling. In the meantime allow yourself to cry and try to find a special way to honour your friend. Keeping busy helps.

    Time heals, Ashely.

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    Hi Ashley,

    I'm so sorry for your loss, and it's very normal to feel the way you do. However, you need to talk to a counselor about these feelings. It will make you feel much better. If you're in school, you can talk to a school counselor. If you're working, look into your medical insurance. Regardless, talk to a train professional, who does not have any personal ties to this accident.

    Best of luck to you.

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    i know, it must be very shocking for you. i feel so bad for you. :(

    Do what Dr. LaGrand would tell you!

    - Find someone you trust to talk about how the death is affecting you.

    - Be willing to listen and be open to others who have experienced similar losses and how they have dealt with them.

    - Practice taking your attention off your sadness and focusing on a diversion like a pleasant memory of your loved one, gratitude for all that you still have, or any topic of interest.

    - Allow yourself to express your emotions.

    - Begin your new routines

    - Trust mystery and the unseen.

    - Take a daily stress break.

    - Discover and grieve your associated losses.

    - Start looking for ways to help others even as you grieve.

    - Replenish your spiritual beliefs.

    always happens to teh good people.... good luck

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    i am so sorry,

    if you don't want to be in the car again just relasi for 2 week or something i know it hard to forget about her but after a fill weeks you be happy and can ride in a car

    you won't die if it not yet your time to die

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