14-year-old sentenced to life in wrestling death?

What's your take on this past event?

NOTE: The boy is now on 10 year probation

I normally wouldn't input my own thoughts on situations like this when asking the general public but this has got to be one of THE most SERIOUS cases of legal negligence ever.

The Judge that was Presiding is a douchebag



NOTE: he was sentenced at 14 and arrested at 12

Update 2:

"Michael Brannon, a forensic psychologist at the Institute for Behavioral Sciences and the Law was appointed to examine Tate in 1999. Brannon's evaluation concluded he didn't suffer from mental illness but had 'a high potential for violence, uncontrolled feelings of anger, resentment, and poor impulse control.'"

Could someone explain what type of illness is it if he has a high tendency for violence and uncontrolled anger, resentment and poor impulse control?

He should have gotten a severe punishment for the first crime, I should have made it more clearer where I stood on the issue. But for the age he was then Life seemed excessive.

Also, don't tell me that I do not feel for the girl who was killed, she did not deserve to die like many other innocent victims to negligence but its clear that there was something wrong with Tate in his younger years.

Update 3:

Correection: Currently serving a 10–30 years imprisonment for armed robbery and violating parole

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    First, I'd note that this happened over ten years ago.

    Second, the jury totally dismissed his claim that he was "playing at pro wrestlers" when he beat a six year old girl to death. He was a thug who was well known to local juvenile services.

    Third, despite his history, his mother refused to accept a plea bargain to manslaughter and a sentence of three years in juvie, and insisted on going to trial. The jury - NOT the judge - found that the killing was deliberate and cruel.

    Third, the judge's only authority to overturn the jury verdict was to find it "wholly unsupported by the evidence". It clearly was supported by the evidence. Yes, many people felt life was too severe (including the DA), but it was the Florida voters that passed the mandatory life sentence law.

    His sentence was overturned on technical grounds after only three years. He was home only 5 years after the brutal murder of a six year old girl. He was twice found in violation of probation for weapons charges.

    Less than two years later he was convicted of the armed robbery of a pizza delivery man - when he was still under 18. He was tried as an adult, and sentenced to a total of 30 years on a combination of those charges and probation violation charges.

    This is a young man who began a life of violent crime at 10 years old, committed a murder at 12, knife and gun crimes at 15 and an armed robbery at 17.

    There are people far more deserving of your sympathy.


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    Why is it that everyone who expressed opinion not completely in line with original poster received thumbs down?

    In order for there to be negligence there must be the breach of a duty. I don't see a breach of duty any where. The fact that the punishment to defendant was lessened due to politicization fo the issue is against my wishes.

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    At 14 years old, he knows the difference between fake and reality. He should be locked in jail for life, but as we all know, life in prison doesn't actually mean life in prison. That little girl is dead, nothing that anyone can do to bring her back, while he gets to live the rest of his life. Probation as a punishment is pathetic and disgusting.

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    I guess you dont care much for the one that got killed. wonder what you wouild think if that was your kid got killed. you be the douchebag, jack*ss.

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