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Do you never wear shoes or socks of any kind unless you have to or are demanded to do so?

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    That is me, I don't unless I have to. I wear sandals often with no socks and actually I was the opposite. As a child I was never allowed to wear shoes or socks when they were not required. Actually I was bribed and strongly encouraged by my mom to only wear open toed shoes. My mom would take me and my friends to fun places like the amusement park but only if I wore sandals. It was sort of embarrassing at first all my friends were in their cool sneakers and me in my tevas my mom in her tevas as well. The other guys would give stares at my feet, strange thing is I sort of like this attention in a way. I took to wearing sandals all the time when it was allowed and still do so now

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    i love going barefoot - i only wear shoes when necessary; like going to the store or work

    we need a national barefoot day =)

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