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Why is Alan Grayson such a truth teller?

"Republican health care plan was 'don't get sick, and if you do get sick...die quickly.'"


Update 2:

You don't see these kind of people- honest, witty people- these days, do you?

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    You hit the nail on the head. He told the truth. In all these weeks since he said that we have yet to see the Republicans even outline a plan to save the 45,000 Americans who die every year without health insurance. All they have done is fight to insure that those Americans will continue to die.

    There is no comparison to Palin; she simply lied for political purposes, trying to frighten elderly people. Shame on her!

    More on Grayson fighting for We the People:

    "Mr. Grayson has filed dozens of lawsuits against Iraq contractors on behalf of corporate whistle-blowers. He won a huge victory last month [March 2006] when a federal jury in Virginia ordered a security firm called Custer Battles LLC to return $10 million in ill-gotten funds to the government. The ruling marked the first time an American firm was held responsible for financial improprieties in Iraq."

    Alan has taken on the biggest corrupt defense contractors, and won. His work on behalf of taxpayers has been recognized and applauded not only in the Wall Street Journal, but in the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Boston Globe, CNN, 60 Minutes, the BBC, and newspapers and magazines in dozens of countries around the world.

    We could use a whole lot more congresspeople who look out for us like Rep. Grayson has done.

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    It's funny how all the Cons here are so quick to call this guy a "nutjob" and such. Look at your own party for a change.

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    Really and what is the source for that little gem.

    Mighty Mouth Greyson what a joke.

    Progressive Liberals Mad Minds?

    This has to be the strangest made up silly talk I ever heard.

    Source(s): SOURCE?
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    Because overstatement and hyperbole from the Left is applauded by the same people who cluck their tongues at how misleading and irresponsible it was for Sarah Palin to characterize government control over life decisions as "death panels."

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  • x x
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    1 decade ago

    I'm sure he was just trying to bring us all together so we could have a bipartisan health care bill. Just singing Kum Bye Ah.

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    1 decade ago

    He is talking trash, just like Palin and Death Panels.

    They are both right but phrasing it to create hostility.

    Life and death choices will have to be made and are being made every day by government and private insurers.

  • Gwen
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    Truth would indicate he has actual data to back up his wild claims, not cherry-picked talking points to demonize & play partisan politics.

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    It's refreshing to actually see a democrat who has some b*lls!

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    I believe that your just a bit confused, you see the liberal left (radicals) have no concept of what is truth or fiction, as they are all full of fiction.

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    He has his own money and doesn't need corporate shut up money,

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