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Why won't God heal amputees?

Just so it is clear, I am a Christian. Many people ask this question. I acknowledge that it lacks originality. But I wanted to see what people think.

If God does not heal amputees because they lack faith, that cannot possibly be the explanation for all cases. There must be people out there who have had amputations done on themselves, but they have strong faith in God. So that answer doesn't suffice.

God is all powerful. He has the capability of doing it. Then why doesn't he?

If God did do this and healed amputees, would it be evidence hinting that God exists- or would people just insist that the healing was a freak occurrence?

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    Some use this question in an attempt to "disprove" the existence of God. In fact, there is a popular anti-Christian website dedicated to the “Why won’t God heal amputees?” argument: If God is all-powerful and if Jesus promised to do anything we ask (or so the reasoning goes), then why won’t God ever heal amputees when we pray for them? Why does God heal victims of cancer and diabetes, for example, yet He never causes an amputated limb to be regenerated? The fact that an amputee stays an amputee is "proof" to some that God does not exist, that prayer is useless, that so-called healings are coincidence, and that religion is a myth.

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    Do you believe that God exists purely to heal everyone who has the faith that he will heal them because they are devout? What sense would that make? Haven't you ever known a truly good person who was wronged? Did they not have faith? Just because you have faith in God does not mean that he has to fix what you believe is wrong. I'm sure God has a better idea.

    And there will never be any sign, occurence, miracle, NOTHING that will prove once and for all that God exists, and every body will believe it.

    P.S. How do you "heal" an amputee? give them their arm/leg/hand, etc. back? Really?

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    there are several possible answers

    1st the amputee doesnt have enough faith

    2nd the person of faith who has the gift doesnt know such a person exists. or He hasnt made sufficient sacrifices to obtain the fullness of this gift of healing

    3rd God refuses to Heal amputees

    4th a person who murmurs because of his amputee circumstances is so full of hate that God will not give a person such a blessing

    5th its about glorifying God

    6th there are those that teach men are born with circumstances to "overcome" and to glorify God by covenant before they were born.

    7th if pre Existence covenants exist and it is to glorify God, Satan might have interferred with the one or both parties involved

    8th a person is completely unworthy.

    9th there is no God (but this cannot be true - because i am a witness of Jesus)

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    There have been a couple of times in church that a report came back stating that an amputee was healed. There have been other reports that people have been raised from the dead. There are plenty of miracles being taken place in the's just that we don't hear of much of them; especially of the ones I mentioned. Healing of cancer and diseases and sicknesses and paralysis; I hear a lot of and have seen. It is always God's timing and His will to do.

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    great q ss, its one that yes we atheists do ask a lot, but there is a reason, its a good q, its one that deserves and needs an answer

    and the only possible answers that most of us can coem up with are


    god isnt all loving,


    isnt all powerful,


    doesnt care,


    doesnt exist

    god has a plan is also an answer, but its not an explanation, it doesnt actually answer it,

    those above explain it, they are a reason an actuaal answer, and realsitic probability

    peopel claim freak occurences, but soceity, for all its stupidity, will not ignore mass healings, even us atheists, evenus cynics, im also a realist, and if soemone i knew who bas no arms suddenly had arms, and so did many others, i woudl not be one to ignore it, i doubt many would

    AND lastly

    if god doesnt want to makehis existence known

    they he also doesnt want his existence to be a focus, which means he doesnt want peopel to acknowledge his existence and certainly not force or preach his existence on others

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    Why is it that many of us who have full use of our limbs are still unable to be happy or enjoy life to the fullest? There is a defect in all of us in some form or another, maybe physical or emotional, but we are still required to find a way to be happy and satisfied with ourselves. I think most people who have a deformed child have a happier and fuller family life than those who don't. It is facing adversity and overcoming it that makes a family what it is. Just my thoughts.

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    God is not doing any healing at this time. When Jesus cured people, their cure was complete. I had a man in a wheelchair tell me that God healed him, and he really believed it. People believe what they want to believe, whether or not their belief based on reality and truth.

    Miraculous healings were given to the apostles to demonstrate that God's favor had departed from Judaism and shifted to the newly formed Christian congregation. After the death of the apostles, that kind of evidence was no longer necessary. That is why the scriptures teach:

    (1 Corinthians 13:8-13) . . .Love never fails. But whether there are [gifts of] prophesying, they will be done away with; whether there are tongues, they will cease; whether there is knowledge, it will be done away with. 9 For we have partial knowledge and we prophesy partially; 10 but when that which is complete arrives, that which is partial will be done away with. 11 When I was a babe, I used to speak as a babe, to think as a babe, to reason as a babe; but now that I have become a man, I have done away with the [traits] of a babe. 12 For at present we see in hazy outline by means of a metal mirror, but then it will be face to face. At present I know partially, but then I shall know accurately even as I am accurately known. 13 Now, however, there remain faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

    The point being is that these types of miraculous gifts have ceased until the thousand year reign of Christ begins. That is why men of faith can not have their legs and arms restored, neither their vision or deafness restored, or any other physical malady completely cured in the fashion that Jesus and his Apostles were gifted by God to heal.


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    I look at it like this-

    Does the Father look down on people who are missing limbs? It may be on earth were an amputee isn't considered a whole person, but do you think the Father thinks any less of them? He is mainly about healing the souls, and a new body is promised to all believers for eternity.

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    First of all, how do you know He hasn't?

    If someone could prove God did heal an amputee-" would people insist it was a freak occurrence?"

    What did Jesus say??? the parable of 'The rich man and Lazarus'.

    "If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead."

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    I think this is a good question - from anyone asking it genuinely.

    Well, I myself am an 'amputee' in fact, and I have been asking that question ever since I was 12 after my accident. Now I'm 61 and there are still a lot of unanswered questions about healing.

    Basically, what I get from the Lord, after all this time, is that there's a time for such things. In fact, a time and a place. It has to be God's time, and you have to be in the right place, spiritually.

    Though God can, and does heal, I have found that I haven't witnessed much of the real stuff in my life and with those around me. Maybe - just maybe - if God had done much more healing in my earlier days, and in the earlier days of those around me, it would have given the 'wrong message' and been injurious to our spiritual development. After all, the Lord Jesus did no miracles in his early years, not until he 'came of age' in Jewish terms. In fact, though he could have done them, he had to wait for the express permission of God. The miracles came to verify his message, at a time when God had finished teaching everything preparatory he needed to know, and his character was also fully formed.

    In other words, God knows the best time, the right time, and the fact that there are no great number of miracles does not, in fact, detract from the veracity of our message (eg. John the Baptist did no miracles, either, but he was called by Jesus the greatest prophet).

    We sought all this stuff in the Charismatic movement and, looking back, I'm relieved that God didn't do more of the supernatural giftings than he did. It was just as well that we didn't impress too many people, because many things were out of line. Looking back, I can see it all so much more clearly now.

    But, look who did do miracles. After the Lord had ascended to heaven, what did he do? - he 'passed on the (miracles) baton' to his apostles at Pentecost and, for a long time, those were the only people who he used supernaturally. Why was that? Well, I think it was because in those few short years, the Lord Jesus had really put them 'through the mill' so that practically everything of their 'old man' had been purged out. Are we prepared to so learn from him and pay that price?

    Then, there was Moses. If anyone was put 'through the mill' by God, it was he. And it wasn't until he was eighty that he did miracles - and healings - yes, he had to wait that long, until all the anger and impetuosity and self-seeking had been burned out of HIM, too. Are we prepared to wait that long - to be like Moses 'the meekest man in all the earth' (Num.12:3)?

    But, in answer to your question - I do think that God does not discriminate regarding amputees and surely he WILL heal them, in the scheme of things. What about the man with the withered arm - hey? And, if he can - and does - raise from the dead, what's the problem with amputees? For they're all miracles of healing, aren't they? It makes no sense to say that, with amputees, God is making a special case.

    Now, I don't exactly know why God is holding back, because I believe in a supernatural God. However, he doesn't tell me everything, and I happen also to believe that faith is perfected most usually by his withholding than by his releasing. And, that there is a time to withhold and a time to release, for God also has times and seasons.

    Right now, what I think it is, is that God has other priorities - we are not 'there' yet. On the way to getting 'there' there are a number of most vital things to learn and develop into and, if we don't come into these things and develop strong and good spiritually, then it will be just like putting a weight on top of a house of cards.

    So, I think there are great things ahead (which they still won't believe, anyway, because they don't want to), but quite a lot more 'growing up' that God's people yet have to do. One day, God will showcase his people and say to the world 'These are my people, listen to them' just as he did with his Son, but right now, I honestly do not think he can say that.

    The Lord Jesus said 'I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it' - and I think that, right now, that's exactly what he's doing. He's refining 'the remnant' who have not 'bowed the knee to baal and every lip that has not kissed him' (Elijah). He is putting such through a tough school and - as I see it - bringing about a kind of 'new Reformation' where the first one didn't go far enough (insofar as it concentrated on doctrine, but still kept the practices).

    So, God - even Jesus Christ himself, through his Spirit - must bring that work to completion, as he did in the Early Church (before Romanism crept in). Building the house, strong and true, before he can, as it were, release the 'decorators' to beautify it. He must bring in more discernment, and understanding of the time, and further free his people from the dominion of man-made authority and establish them together under HIS own simple structure, before he can release the fulness of the blessing.

    He knows what he's doing, so 'humble yourself under the mighty hand of God and in due course he will exalt you' (I Pet.5:6). Don't groan at the time he takes - for he is more patient than we are, and not at all in a hurry; neither grow restless - lest you marr what the Potter is doing.

    Just trust him, and keep on pressing through, that whatever he makes of you - even if we never see the miraculous - that he who knows all and sees all also knows the best way, the best season and is in process of making the humble ones the 'best people'. A people fit for his purposes, hidden, polished, like arrows in a shaft, ready for the day when he will arise to confront his foes.

    Do we have a will apart from that? Or do we not yet know that his will is the best will? What did God do with David, all those years herding sheep? - why, preparing him to face Goliath 'not by might, nor by power...'.

    I think what I'm also saying is that 'the Day of the Lord' is coming.

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