I cannot create a ringtone in iTunes. Message error 11556.?

I've tried switching off the antivirus and firewall but still no success.

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    Are you making it for your iPhone, if you have one? If so, its really easy. What i will tell you works for Windows. I dont know the Mac way.

    First Right Click the song and click Options on the top

    Then you will see a two boxes with the words start time and stop time next to them

    Check both of them and choose an oppropriate time for the ringtone.

    After that click ok, and play the song to make sure it fits your needs. If it doesnt, go back and do it again.

    After that, right click the song and click conver to AAC version... This will give you a second copy of the song.

    Right click the AAC version and it click open in Windows Explorer.

    From their make sure you have "Show Hidden Extensions" unchecked and change the .m4a ending to .m4r.

    Double click the song and it will add itself as a ringtone on itunes

    Source(s): Used this way for my iPhone. Works a lot cleaner than audio editing software
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    There are 3 step to repair 11556 error

    If you got 11556 error then there is a 94% chance that your computer has registry problems. To repair 11556 error you need to follow the steps below:

    * Step 1 - Download a 11556 error repair tool,install this error repair tool.

    * Step 2 - Click the Repair All Button.It will scan you pc for Free.

    * Step 3 - Then click the Repair All Button again and your done! It is very easy to repair 11556 error.

    Here are the url of 11556 error repair tool:http://www.fixerrorsafe.com/ttfix-11556_error-zz00...

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    download NVIDIA Graphics Driver,

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