name the best rapper of the year (2000-2008)(including the album) and some notale tracks from that album.?

2000- Eminem ( Marshall Mathers LP)- stan, the way i am, the real slim shady, ***** please II

2001- Dr. Dre(2001). Still Dre, the next episode, forgot about dre,


2001- Jay-Z(Blueprint) izzo(h.o.v.a), jigga that n**ga,renegade


2001- Nas( Stillmatic) one mic, got urself a..., 2nd childhood, ether

2002- Eminem(Eminem Show)-cleanin out my closet, without me, sing for

the moment, white america, till i colapse

( Nas released "god's son" album in the same year but i think eminem show is better than that. and it sold 19 million worldwide which made it best-selling album of 2002.)

2003- 50 cent(get rich or die tryin') patiently waiting,what up gangsta, in da club, wanksta, many men, p.i.m.p, 21 questions, lifes on the line

2004-Eminem(ENCORE) like toy soldiers, mosh, just lose it, *** like that

mocking bird.

2005- The game(The documentry)westsidestory, how we do, hate it or love it, put you in the game, dreams


2005- 50 cent( Massacre) just a little bit, candy shop, hate it or love it, disco inferno, god gave me style, piggy bank, outta control


2005- Kanye west(late registration) gold digger, hey mama, heard 'em say, touch the sky,

2006-Akon (Konvicted) smack that, i wanna f**k you, don't matter, sorry blame it on me, mama africa


2006- Snoop Dogg(The blue carpe Treatment) vato, candy, that's that ****


2006- Jay z (Kingdom Come) lost one, minority report, show me what you got

2007- Kanye west( Graduation) flashin' lights, stronger, homecoming, good morning, can't tell me nothin', good life, champion

2007- Jay- z(american gangster)roc boys, blue magic, i know, success, hello brooklyn

(Both albums are good, but Graduation was the best of year 2007.50 cent released his curtis album too. but it wasn't that good.)

2008- Lil Wayne( The carter 3) amilli, lollipop, mrs.officer, mr.carter, got money


sorry for the mistake, not "notale" it is NOTABLE.

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    I have some agreements and some bones to pick with your list, heres mine

    2000- Eminem-Marshal Mathers LP

    (classic album, either no. 1 or 2 of shady's bests)

    *Listed Above

    2001-Big Pun-Endangered Species

    (gotta disagree with Chronic 01, Dre's a beast but this album was entirely ghostwritten and still wasnt on par with his previous work. As far as my choice it was between this, Immortal Tech's first album, stillmatic, or Cannibal Ox's album but this is this is some of the most upbeat and lyrically talented music since biggie and deserves to be up there)

    *You Ain't A Killa, Twinz, Still Not a Playa

    2002-Eminem-The Eminem Show

    (I agree, one of his strongest albums and my personal favorite)

    *Listed Above

    2003-Immortal Technique-Revolutionary Vol.2

    (stronggglyyy disagree with 50's album being up there, Immortal Technique's was a new standard of modern age hip hop, well polished and an easy classic)

    *Point of No Return, Industrial Revolution, 4th Branch

    2004-Madvillany by Madvillan

    (encore was a total letdown and was no where near any of his other albums)

    *Raid, Rainbows, Bistro

    2005-Sage Francis-A Healthy Distrust

    (atmosphere's album is a close call too but this is just one of the smartest albums of the decade)

    *Slow Down Ghandi, Sea Lion, Escape Artist

    2006-Lupe Fiasco- Food & Liquor

    (Honestly I think all the ones you mentioned were pretty bad. Snoop's album was a disgrace to his early years, Kingdom Come is known to be Jay's Worst Album, and Akon hardly even qualifies as Hip Hop)

    *The Cool, Kick Push 2, Hurt Me Soul

    2007-Brother Ali- The Undisputed Truth

    (The Cool and Below the heavens by blu are really the only other albums that year that could compare, but his was really a breath of fresh air in the industry. I do love american gangster though)

    *Unclesam Goddam, Take Me Home, Walking Away

    2008-Immortal Technique-The Third Wolrd

    (This year could go either way and was really a bad year for hip hop. I found the carter 3 to be overrated and just as good as some of wayne's mixtapes, nothing to extraordinary)

    *Parole, The Third World, Reverse Pimpology

    2009-Brother Ali-Truth is Here

    (Such a good album, very strong and moving. overall a lot of let downs in 2009, relapse, ecstatic, born like this, i'd gotta put ali's album on top)

    *Good Lord, Begin Here, Baby Dont Go

    Source(s): *These are all just opinions but I listen to a lot of hip hop nearly all underground and main label artists, and I gotta say that these would be my top choices
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    you actually wrote all this? dammnn bisshhh eminem go hard for a white boii no one can do it like him he's one of a kind and unique white guy

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