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Play the BNG!!!!! Fun!!!!?

You are happily married with your husband and live in Arizona. You want a baby but need fetility treatment.

1. You get fertility treatments and end up with one girl. Her name has to start with an E. Middle names whatvere you want.

2. Your girl is only 1 but you want more kids. You turn to fertility and get triplets! 2 boys and 1 girl. Name the boys whatever you want. Middle names need to start with C,Z or X. The girls name has to start with a Z or a B. Middle names need to be a flower.

3. You really want one more boy but you end up with two girls. The names have to start with L or M. Middle names are traditional.

4. Hoping for that little boy you try again. You end up with octuplets! The 5 girls names start with J. The 3 boys start with W,T and H.

5. You are aired on a reality show and you get enough money to by a new house. There are eight bedrooms. One has to be a playroom. Room 4 and 5 are connecting rooms. How do you split everybody up?

Thanks for playing!


1. Everleigh Hayden

2. Troy Zane, Aaden Xavier and Zanna Rose

3. Lola Elizabeth and Lucy Grace

4. Jemma Faith, Jaden Dawn, Jillian Violet,Jasmine Belle, Juliete Abigail, Wyatt James, Trey Braisley and Henry Samuel.

5. Room 1: Everleigh and Zanna. Room 2:Troy and Aaden. Room 3:Lola and Lucy. Room 4:Jemma, Jaden and Jasmine. Room 5: Jillian and Juliet. Room 6:Wyatt, Trey and Henry. Room 7: Playroom. Room 8: My room and Husbands.

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    1. Evan Isabella

    2. Noah Christopher, Cooper Zolan, Brooke Violet

    3. Lana Elizabeth and Lillian Eve

    4. Jaymes Sophia, Wyatt Alexander, Joy Katherine, Jillian Paige, Tristan Robert, Juliette Marie, January Olivia, Hayden Christopher

    5. Master Bedroom #1: My husband and I

    Room #2: Evie and Brooke

    Room #3 Noah and Coop

    Room #4: Lana and Lily

    Room #5:Jaymie, Joy

    Room #6 Wyatt, Tristan, and Hayden

    Room #7: Jill, Julie, and January

    Room #8: Play Room

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    1. Erica Avery

    2. Samuel Carter, Noah Zachary, Bailey Elizabeth

    3. Morgan Caroline, Laney Meredith

    4. Jasey Victoria, Jenna Hayley, Julia Riley, Jasmine Olivia, Jamie Nicole, Weston Michael, Thomas Dakota, Hunter Matthew

    5. Room 1 Parents

    Room 2 Erica

    Room 3 Bailey and Laney

    Room 4 Morgan and Jasmine

    Room 5 Jasey and Jenna

    Room 6 Julia and Jamie

    Room 7 Weston, Tom, Hunter

    Room 8 Noah and Sam

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    1. Erica Amy.

    2. Anthony Charles, Stephen Corey, and Brittany Rose.

    3. Mary Ann and Lindsey Kate.

    4. Jamie Vanessa, Jacqueline Brooke, Jenna Melanie, Julia Holly, Jillian Brenda, Wesley Jonathan, Troy Dennis, and Henry Colton.

    5. Room 1: Playroom.

    Room 2: Mom and Dad.

    Room 3: Erica and Britta.

    Room 4: Anthony and Steven.

    Room 5: Wesley, Troy, and Henry.

    Room 6: Mary and Lindsey.

    Room 7: Jamie, Jacky, and Jen.

    Room 8: Julia and Jill.

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    1. Ella Rae

    2. Elijah Matthew, Maddox Ryan, Zandra Nicole

    3. Madison Alexa & Morgan Faith

    4. Jaylen Alexandra, Jocelyn Leigh, Julissa Marie, Jaqueline Renee, Jillian Hope, William Cole, Trey Austin, Hunter Nicholas

    5. Room 1: Master (Mine and Husband) Room 2: Ella and Zandra Room 3: Eli and Maddox Room 4: Maddie and Morgan Room 5: Will, Trey and Austin Room 6: Jillian, Jaylen and Jocelyn Room 7: Julissa and Jackie Room 8: Playroom

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    1. Emmalene Rose

    2. Andrew Caleb (Drew), James Cassius, Zoey Violet

    3. Leah Grace and Mallory Faith

    4. Johanna Hope, Jenna Grace, Jamie Faith, Jordyn Amity, Jess Chasity, Thomas Kell, Trey Daniel, Tory Jakob

    5. Room 1: Emmalene and Zoey

    Room 2: Drew and James

    Room 3: Leah and Mallory

    Room 4: Playroom

    Room 5: Johanna, Jenna and Jordyn

    Room 6: Jamie and Jess

    Room 7: Thomas, Trey, and Tory

    Room 8: My husband and My room

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    1. Eaden Hope.

    2. Keagan Chace, Noah Carson, and Bailey Rose.

    3. Madelyn Marie and Lainee Charlotte.

    4. Jocelyn Grace, Jaycie Leigh, Jayden Noel, Jordyn Mikayla, Jaynee Kay, Wyatt Logan, Tyler Edward, and Hayden Marcus.

    Room 1- Eaden and Bailey

    Room 2- Keagan and Noah.

    Room 3- Maddie and Lainee.

    Room 4- Jocelyn, Jaycie and Jayden.

    Room 5- Jordyn and Jaynee.

    Room 6- Wyatt, Tyler, and Logan.

    Room 7- Husbands and my room.

    Room 8- Playroom

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  • Anonymous
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    1) Ella Kate

    2) Brooke Rose, Noah Zack & Tyler Caiden.

    3) Layla Elizabeth & Lily Victoria

    4) Jasmine Paige

    Juliet Cadence

    Jessica Amy

    Jodie Nicole

    Jade Cassidy

    William Jack

    Thomas Drake

    Hudson Kane

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ellie Paige

    Cayden Zane, Tyler Carson, & Brooklyn Lilac

    Leah Hadley & Marlee Elizabeth

    Jocelyn Sophia, Jaime Olivia, Jaden Faith, Jesse Nathalynn, Jordan Noelle, Walker Jonathon, Tristan Andrew, & Hayden Michael.

    My Family: Ellie 10, Cayden 9, Ty 9, Brooklyn 9, Leah 6, Marlee 6, Jocelyn 2, Jaime 2, Jaden 2, Jesse 2, Jordan 2, Walker 2, Tristan 2, & Hayden 2.

    Room One- Ellie and Brooklyn

    Room Two- Cayden and Ty

    Room Three- Leah and Marlee

    Room Four- Jocelyn, Jaden, and Jesse.

    Room Five- Jamie and Jordan (Connecting toom with Room Four.)

    Room Six- Walker, Tristen, & Hayden.

    Room Seven- Play Room

    Room Eight- Me and My hubby's 'play room'

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Emalyn Joanna

    2. Bentley Cade. Alex Zane. Brittney Daisy.

    3. Leah Marie. Lacey Jane.

    4. Jaylinn Faith. Jacquelyn Grace. Jordyn Leann. Jayde Zoey. Jayden Lyn. Wyat Brayden. Troy Lee. Hayden Mykeal.

    5. Room 1: Hayden, Troy, and Wyat. Room 2: Jayden and Jayde. Room 3:Jacquelyn and Jaylinn. Room 4: Leah and Lacey. Room 5: Bentley and Alex. Room 6: Brittney and Emalyn. Room 7: Playroom. Room 8: Mine.

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  • Emily
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    1. Eloise (Ellie) Violet

    2. Frederick Connor, Charles (Charlie) Xavier, and Bethany Rose

    3. Lydia Dawn and Miranda Fae

    4. Josephine (Josie) Adelaide, Julianna Marie, Jennifer (Jenny) Elizabeth, Jane Isabella, Joanna Grace, William (Will), Timothy (Tim)James, and Henry Alexander

    5. Room 1: Me and My Husband

    Room 2: Ellie and Bethany

    Room 3: Frederick and Charles

    Room 4: Lydia and Miranda

    Room 5: Josie, Juliana, and Jenny

    Room 6: Jane and Joanna

    Room 7: Will, Tim, adn Henry

    Room 8: play room

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