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Online School In The UK?

I cant find any,help?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Okay, the UK's online schools, in no particular order, are

    1. Inter High (as in Inter(net) High) @

    2. Briteschool (the British e-school) @

    3. First College @

    4. Northstar @

    (Also for a copy of Northstar's online school [NSUK = NorthStar UK] prospectus. It's probably easier to get the facts by reading the prospectus; the main Northstar site is a wee bit busy in places.)

    Briteschool starts in year 5. Inter High and First College start with year 7 altho. both say they will enrol kids from 10 years old, presumably into year 7. Northstar doesn't really get going until year 7 altho. they do run a year 6 English class.

    You may also come across a UK online school called Ysgol Rhyngrwyd, but really that is just the Welsh name for Inter High. They're both the same online school; it's just that in English, it's called Inter High and in Welsh, it's Ysgol Rhyngrwyd ( ).

    There was also another called 'Not School' but that was for problem kids, and I'm not sure it's still going anyway. Certainly their URL ( ) no longer seems to work. Must just've been a glitch. It is and now it does.

    And as PINK says there are also UK correspondence schools, Oxford, National Extension College and Little Arthur's among them:

    Plus, again just a word following on from PINK's comment about American Schools like K12, there are also other (non-American) International Schools who make their international programmes available to home-ed'ers worldwide. In contrast to the American schools that send you down the diploma/ACT/SAT track, many of those other international homeschools, such as South Africa's Love2Learn, follow the UK curriculum and still enable you to do your GCSEs, AS Levels and A Levels, all from a UK exam board (Cambridge).

    Source(s): Self - 17year old lifelong homeschooler
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  • 1 decade ago

    Other person is incorrect.

    I'm pretty sure there's another one too. There's also, if you're at GCSE age, all sorts of distance learning providers such as Oxford Homeschooling, ICS, etc. K12 also has an international section and countless other american online schools probably do too.

    Good luck. (:

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  • 1 decade ago

    The open university does courses for 6th form age students, but if you're younger than 16 I don't think there's any options except for school (full time) or home-schooling (with or without tutors)

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