What should my boyfriend and I do with our toddler this weekend?

My bf got the avatar, im a girl asking the question, not that it makes a difference. Thanks!

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    Go and get a loaf of bread and feed the ducks at the local pond and then go for a walk around the park.

    If its raining, visit you local £1 shop and buy some craft activities. pottery painting etc. My 2 toddlers love getting painty and feeding the ducks!

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    Get a puppy! - ok only half serious on that one LOL

    Check out the local nature reserve or large park or hiking trails if the weather is nice.

    Go to a McDonald's with a toddler play area

    Check out what the library is offering for activities

    Rake up the leaves and jump in them!

    Bake something together, toddlers are great at licking spoons!

    Build a blanket fort and have a family nap in it

    get some washable paint and big sheets of paper and finger/foot paint together

    go swimming at the local pool

    go to a petting zoo

    go for a train ride

    go watch planes take off

    go walk around the local mall


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    Do something from a play dough, or paint/draw, or do some crafts. Kids love this and it's good for their development. You can find many ideas for preschool kids here: http://www.toddler-net.com/Games_art_crafts.html

    Or go to a playground, or a park, or Zoo, or nearby farm.

    Read him a book!

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    Take him or her to go apple or pumpkin picking. Or take her for a walk to the park or walk around the mall with him/her in the stroller.

    Source(s): Mom to an 18.5 month old boy
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    if it is warm enough:

    go to the park, zoo, pumpkin patch

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